What I Wore Wednesday....

Before I get to the oufits, may I just say that i'm pretty sure I could write a book entitled "Dressing Room Woes" or something! It seems to me that there are two light settings in fitting rooms... "Hollister Dim" in which everything looks decent because you are getting dressed in the flipping dark, or "Cornea-Searing Desert Sun" in which every possible flaw of your person shows up under the stadium lights shining down on your little cubicle. Clearly, neither of these is ideal and this issue will remain one of life's greatest mysteries. Am I right?

Ahh... just had to air out that grievance after visiting a couple of stores yesterday (a-HEM, TJ Maxx) while shopping on my day off (which was lovely, thankyouverymuch.) Okay, now I'm ready to talk about clothes. And as always, I'm linking up with Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy!

Floral top and olive scarf- Target
Cardigan- J.Crew outlet

Not the most exciting of outfits here, but I just love this little top (especially the lace on it) so I worked to make it into a fall outfit, which you now see. =)

Dress- Old Navy
Nude pumps- Target

I almost feel like wearing dresses that feel like pajamas is cheating, because they're so comfortable. Will that stop me from wearing them? Of course not, silly rabbit. They feel like PAJAMAS, but look dressy. Win-win.

Necklace- Banana Republic
(Ignore my pursed lips that indicate a feeling of displeasure.)

Top and skirt- Target
Shoes- Cato

Necklace- Charming Charlie (pretty sure it cost like a dollar)

I really like the colors of this top, so much so that I can forgive the fact that it makes my already broad shoulders look even more linebacker-ish.

May I just take a moment to talk about how ridiculously long my hair is getting? I like it, but it's definitely time for a trim since I am lazy and the whole Rapunzel routine for curling/straightening in the morning when I am already in slow motion is not appealing. However, when I do feel the urge to chop it all off, I remember Grace's beautiful long locks and repeat my mantra, "eyes on the prize." I'm not sure what the prize is, because I'm fairly certain my freakishly thick hair will never look like Grace's, but I can dream.

My sisters and I were all wearing some form of animal print this weekend... worthy of WIWW shout-out, no? I miss them... even the days when we attempted to share clothes and nearly killed one another on a regular basis. (A certain red sweater comes to mind, April and Amanda!)

Top- Lucky Brand via Sam's Club
Scarf: Target

I am making this face because I was huddled up in our backseat, practically in the fetal position because we had to take our Christmas tree (the corner of which was precariously positioned about .5 inches from my face) back home from Goldsboro. Needless to say, Jonathan drove veeery carefully and I tried not to feel claustrophobic.

Leopard button-down- Ann Taylor
Cardigan- Loft
Skirt- New York and Company
Flats- Target

This is my favorite cardigan of all time. The end.

Good grief... I didn't mean to be so wordy today. Actually, I'm wordy most of the time, but I try not to be when I've included a zillion pictures. Aaand now I'm being wordy about being wordy, so I should just stop before I use the word wordy again. Wordy. Last time. Promise.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Me and my sisters are the same way when it comes to clothes!! Always trying to take from the other!! :-)

  2. I actually thought your beige skirt and color block top was a dress. I agree dressed are so much easier, just throw over head and go. No thinking required. :)

  3. okay. you are SO cute and super sweet. I debate chopping my hair HOURLY -- but yours looks so healthy!! (unlike mine) don't cut it!! a trim? fine.

    and I reallllllllly am coveting your leopard scarf and 1.00 necklace --- love.

    1. Stop it... I blush! :) Hey, just load up Bash and Jules (easy peasy of course) and march yourself down to Target to get some matching leopard goodness. And a trim is definitely in my future... Chistmas pictures approach and I am resembling a Shetland pony.

  4. sometimes I'll try something on in a dressing room and I think it looks great and then I get home and wonder what was I thinking? love the olive scarf and the color block outfit - so cute!

  5. Dressing rooms are the worst! Whenever I go in, I realize how bad my eyebrows are. lol. I need to start bringing my pluckers in so I can get all the hairs. Those mirrors show everything! Cute outfits!


  6. All your outfits are super cute! I almost bought some similar nude pumps from Target... are they comfortable?


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