My Grown-Up Christmas List...

Every year since we've been married, and I think maybe even when we were dating/engaged (but who can remember waaay back then?), Jonathan and I have made Christmas lists for each other. This is partly because he enjoys having some direction when shopping for me and I demand enjoy specific items from him because my husband happens to be THE hardest person to shop for. It's not that he doesn't like things I buy him, it's just that the things I think he should/would like to have and the things he wants are usually different. So, we started the list thing and even though neither of us gets everything on our lists (duh), it does help ease some of the stress of the Yuletide season. (I would like to know where the term Yuletide originated. It sounds like something the Vikings would have shouted to one another.)

Anyway, the other night I we decided to make the list-writing into a little date, basically because Starbucks has its holiday drinks back and while I rarely deem coffee worthy of handing over four hard-earned dollars, I do make an exception for the Peppermint Mocha Frappucino. Yum yum yum... Christmas in a cup. Plus, the only Starbucks around us is in Target (!!!) so I figured that I could kill two birds with one stone and have a look around after our lists were finished. Win-win.

Yes, indeed... the joy has begun.

I love all the Christmas-y things at Starbucks!

Tis the season for the red cups!

Crazy kids...

This is pure excitement right here. Mmmm!

Jonathan started on his list and when I took his phone to read what he'd written, it said, "No more lives torn apart, that wars would never start."
(Eye. roll.) 

Do you have any fun "couple" Christmas traditions? Most of the Christmas traditions you read about are more for kids (like that horribly creepy Elf on a Shelf). We haven't been married long enough to have a ton of them yet, but this is one of my favorites.... even though Jonathan mocks the sanctity of my traditions by quoting Christmas pop songs.

Merry Christmas Shopping!



  1. PJ ride to look at Christmas lights, with a peppermint hot chocolate in hand ;-) Every. Single. Year. :-)

    1. I love that! We've been a little but I will have to look for some good neighborhoods around here :)


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