What I Wore to Thanksgiving Dinner...

When Grace first suggested a Thanksgiving outfit link-up, I was immediately interested but also concerned because my previous lack of concern toward my Thanksgiving outfit was replaced with a feeling of panic since I had not yet packed for our trip and now I had to come up with a post-worthy outfit.

But since I can never decide what to wear anyway, it provided a handy excuse for the over-packing I always do. Thanks for being my scapegoat to a less-than-willing-to-carry-my-overstuffed-suitcase husband, Grace. So, I brought several options, as always.

I just bought this ah-dorable dress at American Eagle for super cheap (like 12 bucks) and I happened to have the proper items to winter-ize it a little.

Cardigan: Calvin Klein
Dress- American Eagle
Leggings- Walmart
Flats- Macy's

However, it is still too scando-short (I like to keep things knee-length around these parts, mostly because of my hideous knees.) So I liked it, but I will have to add a little layer around the hem. Which is okay because it needs a lining added anyway.

Tshirt, Scarf, Skirt- Target
Cardigan- Loft

A slightly dressier option... meeting the requirements of loose and flowing on top. The skirt was still a little too fitted for my liking since I plan to eat A LOT. Love the outfit, just didn't love it enough to eat/sleep/watch tv in it for several hours.

I really wanted loose on the top AND bottom, which is tricky to pull off unless you are very very thin or are wearing a muumuu and curlers in your hair (in which case, you are pulling off an entirely different look.) 
Thank goodness for Audrey who posted this outfit just in the nick of time yesterday. 

Sweatshirt- Old Navy
Maxi- Ross
Necklace- NY&Co

Maxi dress and sweatshirt... hooray for comfort and ease. If I look like a large sack, please know that it's all for a good cause. Oh, and I suppose I could have thrown on some colorful accessories, but I figured that the sweatshirt was the color of gravy and it won't show any spots. That and I left all my colorful jewelry at home because I did not do a good job of packing at all.

Same sweater from the top
Shirt- Loft
Skirt- Ann Taylor

Oh, and just for fun... this is what I'll be wearing shopping on Friday. Layers, because it's freezing outside but burning up in the stores, what with all the turkey-stuffed bodies everywhere, and flats because I am shoe shopping and I don't want to dance around yanking my boots off all day. And Christmas colors because finally I can listen to Christmas music without being accused of being a holiday-skipper. Bunch of Scrooges.

I guess I should include one where I actually fixed my hair. And got photobombed by Major (Mamaw's poodle). And standing on Mamaw's rug.

Hope you ladies have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanks for hosting, Grace! And I am on pumpkin pie strike with you, all the way.



  1. oooo you really are the cutest and if you ever get rid of that AE dress I will gladly pay 13 dollars for it!!!

    and I love the final winner!!

    Really appreciate you linking -- you win most thorough post!!! Hope you guys have the best day!!

  2. I love/want them all. So cute!

  3. You are fab x a thousand! Love that new dress at the top. I have ugly knees and I just bit the bullet and wore the scando dress today anyway. Desperate times calling for the desperate measures and all...

  4. Love everyone of these looks. They are all winners in my book!!

  5. Great looks and I love that maxi skirt!

  6. All the outfits are so cute. I love that first dress! I also wore stripes, a maxi skirt for me. And a tank because Texas is awesome. I hope you had a good shopping day!

  7. My favoooorite is the maxi skirt :D!

    Loverz it.

    Found you via Patton, btw.



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