High Five for Friday...

If ever I have needed a high five to get me going on a Friday, it's today. Without elaborating, let me just tell you that I already know that today will be crazy... I'll just have to let you know soon how it all went. Large amounts of caffeine will be involved for sure. =) Linking up with Lauren as usual!

1. Oh, Christmas movies. How I love them.
2. Stripes and leopard for the win.
3. Homemade taco stew that was Ah-mazing. I'll have to share the recipe soon!
4. My classroom is all ready for Christmas, and my Grinch board is by far my favorite.
5.  I love finding old pictures of me and my favorite kiddos! We were all babies back then. I miss those munchkins- maybe their parents will take the hint and send them to live with me? Probably not, but I'd settle for a visit. =)

Short and sweet today... got to run! Happy Friday!



  1. I'm a teacher too :) Fun idea for a bulletin board!

  2. I love the stripe and leopard combo! I just need to buy a leopard scarf... I feel like it could go with anything!

    I would love for you to stop by and say hi! leslyni.blogspot.com

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Love the classroom decorations!! I would definitely have fun in that class room!

  4. I love your Grinch board! It is perfect!

  5. i need to watch more christmas movies! I love the stripes and leopard!

  6. Yay for Christmas movies! Love watching them to get me in the holiday spirit!



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