Deck the Halls...

I know, I know... it's not even Thanksgiving yet, and I look like a total ingrate because I haven't posted a single word about the many things I'm thankful for.

All in good time, grasshoppers. Just be patient.

The truth is, I have had many blog posts planned over the last few days but since my life has been B-U-S-Y lately and will only continue to become increasingly more insane for the next few weeks, I have neglected to share these riveting accounts of my life. I do apologize. In the meantime, humor me by pretending you care about every detail of my Christmas decor.

I also apologize for the quality of these photos... this was the last thing I did last night before visions of sugarplums danced in my head... so it was slightly inky downstairs.

These are the four levels of our shelf... clockwise from top left:
Clock- Target, Chess Pieces- Hobby Lobby, Sparkly Tree- Ross (gift from Mamaw)
O Christmas Tree Frame- Marshall's, Owl- TJ Maxx, etc and candles- Target
(you can't really see it on the far right, but there is a little tree in a mason jar that I just love.)
HoHoHo- Target (last year), Chevron tree- Michael's (painted by me), Other stuff- Target
Glass tree- Walmart, Red lantern- Target, Paper tree- made by moi (scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby)

Pretty much all of these things are from Target, except the Santa plate and framed Christmas print, which are  from Hobby Lobby and Michael's, respectively.

Tablecloth- Target, Plates- Ross, Candlesticks- Ikea, Vase- borrowed from Brook,
 Mini Tree-Skirt- Target, Beads- old... I am going to add some sort of spriggy-branch things to this but I've yet to find any that I could justify spending money on.

Dish- Target, Pinecones/Ornaments- Walmart
Cannister- Target, Poinsettias- Walmart
Tray- Target, Vase with Ornaments- around my house
Pinecone tree- Marshall's, Pinecone votives- Hobby Lobby, Reindeer- Target, Snowflake-Walmart
Eiffel tower- Target, beads- some Christmas bag in my attic

Banner- Target (I just love this!)
Rug- Dollar General?
Wreath- made last year by my sweet friend Brook

Tree- hand-me-down from the in-laws
Ornaments- Michael's? mostly, anyway.
Noel- made by me (more on that soon!)
Pillow- Ross
Frosty chalkboard- Ross

So, obviously this post isn't reminiscent of anything you'd see in Better Homes and Gardens or anything, but I have to say that my house makes me very happy right now. I made quite a bit of my decorations (can't you tell?) and while I am still scraping red and green paint out from my fingernails, it was really fun, plus even the things I bought didn't cost very much at all. (What, doesn't the song say, "I'm dreaming of a cheap Christmas"?) Other than a few little touches here and there (like adding some gold ribbon to my painfully boring tree skirt) this is pretty much how things are going to look around here until someone pries the ornaments away from me in January. :( I know I'm early but since we'll be in Goldsboro this week and I'm decorating my classroom on Saturday, I got a jump on everything so I can actually enjoy the next few weeks. Or, you know, get buried under a tinsel-covered mound of holiday events. Maybe both. 

Have fun decking your halls!



  1. The beads on the Eiffel Tower remind of the lights that sparkle on the tower at night. Gorgeous sight to see :)

    1. I wanted to do mini lights but didn't have any around so I grabbed the beads. I would love to see that in person! :)


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