Striped Skirt Four Ways...

So, what started off as a very simple one-piece-many-ways post suddenly has a myriad of directions I could take. I could start with wondering why (why?) I always seem to leave this type of labor-intensive post to the last minute, as that is never my intention. I could write about the fact that dragging clothes, shoes, and accessories out of my closet falls into the category of hard labor in my limited spectrum of physical toil. I could tell the story of how long it took me to find a black and white skirt to start with, or I could discuss the fact that I took one look at these pictures and realized "Holy weight gain, Batman... it's time to cut the soda and hit the treadmill." 

So. Let's get on with it, shall we?

I got this skirt, after a long and nearly-fruitless search, at Cato of all places. Shopping with Mamaw does have its advantages! =) The fact that it was only $10 certainly didn't hurt my feelings.

The outfits, left to right.

1. For reasons unknown to me, I look significantly taller/wider/paler/jollier in this first picture. Since I know exactly nothing about editing, there didn't seem to be a way to remedy this, so... sorry.

Top: Loft
Cardigan: Target
Belt: Kohl's
Necklace: (Crazy, but Rue 21! I felt veeeery old in there.) 
Flats: Belk
2. I have been wanting to find a new piece or two in this burgundy color, and recently at Ross I came across this cardigan-ish top in just the right shade and it was $6.99. Boom.

Top: Ross (duh, I just told you the story)
Tank: Target
Scarf: Target
Flats: Belk
3. It's a shame you can't really see through the screen how obnoxiously bright this shirt is, but it is neon in every sense. A little blinding, in fact.

Top: Kohl's
Heels: Belk

4. This is actually my favorite of the outfits but a) I was going to wear my boots and I forgot and b) you really can't tell that my sweater is a deep burgundy/purple color and that's a bummer and c) my arms look pitifully awkward. Help me.

Sweater: Loft
Jean Jacket: Macy's (ancient... like, high school)
Necklace: Target (recent $4 score!)
Heels: Target

Up close and personal.

I really could have made about 25 outfits with this skirt... it goes with just about anything! My only complain/concern is that it's a pretty clingy material which makes my hips look like living things at the right angle... but that could be a personal problem, no?

This post did prompt me to go looking for a couple of sweaters and I may have ended up pulling out a big pile even though it's still hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk (I think) but these outfits are more of the "fall edition." I could have done way more layers for winter or, obviously, summer tops and sandals. But, of course, fall is on my brain these days, even as the humidity continues to seek and destroy all hopes of a good hair day or possibility of layering. 

"I'm dreaming of a cool October, without the frizzy hair I used to know..." (Bing totally should have sung this version.)


P.S. Thanks for hosting again, Audrey, and giving me an incentive to remix pieces in my closet! Once again, every time I do a post like this I feel the need to give mad props to people who do regularly. (Also, I may need time for self-reflection to reveal why I just said "mad props.")
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  1. Coming over from Audrey's link-up! I absolutely loved this post! I have a maxi dress that is stpriped like that so you've given me some new ideas! :)

    I suffer from "awkward arms" also. You need to hold a coffee mug. That will help. Heehee! Holly @ The Young Museum

  2. I really like this skirt and the four looks! I also think you look great, although exercise is good (ofcourse) I don't think you should be so ared on yourself.

  3. I love it with burgundy! You're probably not "jollier"--might just be camera angles. But I like the delicate way you described that haha. To your question about the first picture, it's just angles. Like, your head is tilted up a little more compared to the rest of the pictures, and taking pictures from an upward angle makes the face look a little wider than if the camera were straight on or coming from a downward angle.

  4. I always gain weight during the summer, but you look don't even like that! :-) I think a striped skirt is hard to style, but you've totally nailed it!

  5. I love you Ash! You crack me up! My favorite outfit is the leopard and burgundy (of course!) But, I love them ALL!

    Lauren from Modern Modesty

  6. I have a problem with wearing clingy skirts, too! It's hard for me to feel that comfortable in them! But you look great, and I can tell that you've come up with a ton of different color combos and ways to wear this skirt!

    The Random Writings of Rachel

  7. Striped skirts are so versitile and for only $10? What a steal! I bet you'll get a lot of use out of it! I especially love it with the bright green skirt. I feel like when I wear a piece of dark clothing that I have to balance it out with a lighter item. Great job on the remix!

    Visiting from the link up!
    Exploring My Style

  8. I love the burgundy and leopard scarf look the most!

    Visiting from the link up!

  9. Love your outfits! The skirt is so versatile! Those necklaces are gorgeous! If you get a chance, please link up to my linky party which started today:

  10. I have actually been looking for a really similar skirt! Maybe I'll have to go to Cato too :) I love it most with the polka dot top - and I think you look great in that picture!

  11. Great outfits!! You are just darling.

    Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx

  12. Great looks, I just got a skirt so similar to this, and your outfits are great inspiration! I really like your blog. Have you considered sizing your pictures a little larger so we can see the details a little better?
    This Ever Evolving Life

    1. Wait, nevermind. After I made the comment they looked bigger, weird! I think maybe I was seeing the mobile version first?

  13. I LOVE striped pencil skirts! These all are so great and so different from one another. I love wearing stripes with polka dots too!


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