Friday Faves...

Normally I'm not a fan of shortening words (like totes, obvs, perf, etc.) so excuse my title. No reason for sharing this personal preference of mine other than to waste the first few lines of blog space. 

Space wasted... let's move on to a few things from this week that were enjoyable, cute, nice... you get it with the positive descriptives. 

1. Mrs. Jo and I got to hang out at our Fall Festival. She's  pretty much my soul sister. =)
2. My little friend KK... she's a doll!
3. I got my Christmas craftiness on the other night. It looks like a mess (and it was) but this particular project turned out pretty cute.
4. I had my first of hopefully many peppermint mocha frappuccinos the other night, and it was so good. And I only winced a little as I handed over the $4 for it. (I remember when a tall cost $3.05. Stupid economy.)
5. Okay, best part of the this week... I get to see my SEESTERS tonight!!! I am so so so excited and I'm sure we will stay up way too late and eat a lot and laugh until we snort. You know, those precious moments all families should share.

I am so excited about seeing some good friends at the ladies conference we're going to this weekend. And... we don't have school Monday. Any holiday that falls on a Monday is a good one, eh? Hope you guys have a great weekend... I know I will! 


P.S. I'm linking up with Lauren as usual for H54F!


  1. I just love my soul sister! Another term I coined is forever friend. My personal opinion is that I'm too old to be running around talking about a BFF so instead I have my forever friends which consist of a small group of ladies that are important to me :) Stopping by from H54F

  2. i love all things peppermint....but peppermint lattes are my favorite!

    stopping by from the link up! happy friday! xo, sarah grace

  3. Sounds like a great week! Enjoy the weekend! I'm doing a giveaway today, stop by and enter!

    xo Rach

  4. Guilty for typing obvs....but i don't say it irl (crap! did it again!). fail for me, hehe. so glad to have found your blog though. happy weekend to you, sweets~

  5. Why kind of conference are you going to? Have a great weekend!!

  6. Love the peppermint mochas!

  7. i'm not a huge fan of the abbrevations either. ;) I want to make some christmas crafts!!


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