Spending Money (What I Do Best)...

Honestly, I haven't done that much shopping lately. Well, let me rephrase... I haven't done that much buying lately. And no, I haven't been bedridden or in a coma... this happens a couple times a year. I either hate everything I see or it costs like nine thousand dollars and a portion of my left kidney. So, these few items have fallen somewhere in between those two categories. A few times I've had a stroke of luck- and I also visited two outlet malls within 3-day period so that was helpful. (Because some of my purchases were outlet finds, they were impossible to find online, but I've worn a few other new shirts on Instagram lately. (Follow along: dashofashblog =)

Striped tee from Old Navy- they have a neon yellow/khaki version I love! I've been wearing this quite a bit... it's loose and comfy and stripes... hello? Obviously my love language.

Cardigan from Target- sometimes I surprise myself with the pieces I buy that become versatile and useful quickly and this is one of them. The yellow is even brighter in person... definitely a neon shade but I'm wearing it with everything! Yes, it's a million degrees outside, but it's still a little cool at night and the AC is frigid pretty much everywhere so I like carrying it around.

Maxi Skirt from Target- I've been looking for another, slightly lighter maxi since my others are just too thick for summer. I scored this one the other day for six bucks... woohoo! My only complaint is that the fabric is so clingy but that's what long shirts are for, right? 

I've been wanting a polka-dot chambray top for a while now because, you know, plain chambray is so last summer. (Not really... I'm just greedy and materialistic.) So when I found this one at TJ Maxx a while back, I waited and watched hoping it would go on sale, and it did! (Okay, it only got reduced five dollars, but I'll take it. Greedy and materialistic, remember?)

With my faaaavorite yellow skirt, it was perfect for our ladies thing at church the other day. Well, maybe not perfect, but I didn't feel too dressy or too casual.

I can't wait to layer this thing to death in the fall!

I'm shocked and a little hurt that no one has asked me to divulge my photography/editing secrets yet. (Not.) I was, however, very flattered when the nice girl at Chick-fil-A that night asked me how I curl my hair. I was tempted to tell her it was natural, but come now... I can only claim so much. (Ha!) I happily referred her to Kate (even wrote the name on a napkin!) and felt a little fabulous. Then I got home and looked in the mirror and felt sure the poor girl needed glasses. Oh, summer frizz.

Find any good deals lately? You know I live to hear about them. 


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  1. I think your hair is fab- no glasses needed.
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. I'm waiting until next month ... my birthday!! Then I'm gonna shop until I drop, or until the hubster drops ...

  3. I love that polka dot chambray - supa cute! I have a few maxi skirts, but I want more (it seems I am greedy and materialistic too!) - love the one you picked up at Target!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow skirt/shirt combo. Where did you get the yellow skirt?


  5. Ash these are great deals!! Target and Old Navy are literally my favorite places, they always have great deals and the CUTEST stuff.

  6. Love the chambray with yellow! I know that feeling when you cant find anything. I have been going through that. I dont want to spend my hard earned money on something mediocore. If you get a chance, please link up your outfit to my What We Wore Party: http://suburbsmama.blogspot.com/2013/06/what-we-wore-2.html

  7. Spending money is what I am best at too. Love the yellow skirt.

  8. You really do have amazing hair!! Smart girl asking you how you do it!

    Now you're making me want a polka dot chambray. And a trip to the outlets!

  9. Such a great color combination!

  10. I love this chambray shirt! So cute with the polka dots!! Come stop by my trend spin linkup, the trend for this week is Chambray and this would be perfect. www.thefashioncanvas.com

    The Fashion Canvas


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