Bad Day Playlist

Bad Day Playlist

First of all, don't get the idea that this post is a cry for help. I'm actually not having a bad day at the moment. =) I made this list a couple of weeks ago because unlike some people, when I AM having a bad day, I like to listen to music that acknowledges it. For that matter, I like my music to match my mood all the time, on good and bad days. For example, one of my favorite "happy" albums is the You've Got Mail soundtrack, but if I'm grumpy, it will just annoy me. ("Stop being so cheerful, Kathleen Kelly!") And if I'm tired or sad, I don't want to listen to my favorite Broadway cast albums that usually inspire me to belt my face off in the car. =) 

SO, I'm sure many of you look to happy music to lift your spirits on a bad day, and some of these songs do that, but I every now and then you need to wallow a little too. =) (I'm coming across as super melancholy and I promise I'm not. Usually.) 

Here they are on my phone... and as always I'm shamelessly plugging Apple Music because it's the best thing about modern technology. 

Also, I realize as I look at this list that it could practically be titled, "Waiting on Potentially Life-Altering News Playlist" because so many of these songs (and so many "bad days") have revolved around times in my life when we've been waiting in some way... waiting on results, or in transition, or trying to make tough decisions. In case you couldn't tell, waiting on anything is kind of my own personal nightmare. Ha!

Alice is no stranger to bad days. It's hard to be a baby. 

The first few are "sacred" (to quote a favorite family joke, "Does it have to be gospel?") and the rest are not but I love them all. 

My Worth Is not in What I Own by Keith and Kristyn Getty- I first discovered this song sometime last year and have listened to it on repeat many times. Not only are the lyrics beautiful but these two just have the most soothing voices. 

Take Me to the King- I know that Tamela Mann (from the Madea movies- ha!) has recorded this but my favorite version is on Travis Cottrell's album Living Proof. I love this song and even if I'm down when I start it, I'm jamming by the end! You can't help yourself! 

Oh My Soul by Casting Crowns. Mark Hall wrote this song the night of his cancer diagnosis a couple years ago and it may be my favorite of his... ever. During a tough time last year, I listened to this dozens of times in a couple of weeks and it remains a treasure to me. So amazing. 

You Will Redeem It All- another Travis Cottrell song (he's just the best.) My favorite line says, "Hallelujah in the waiting... hallelujah even then." In the 10 days that I waited anxiously to hear about my acceptance to grad school (which doesn't seem like a huge deal but would have had a lot of negative results if I hadn't gotten in... maybe I'll unpack that story sometime) I listened to this one over and over.

Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer- also the Gettys, who are so talented and sincere and truly ministers with all their music. I love this song and the message of it. 

Unredeemed by Selah- the summer before we moved to Texas, when Jonathan applied for a job here and didn't get it, we left the life we knew to move in with Mamaw and start raising support, and I desperately wanted a baby, this song was my anthem. Many, many tears were shed while I listened to it, but it will always remind me of that time and all we learned from it. "Life breaks and falls apart, but we know these are places where grace is, soon to be so amazing." #praisehands

Poor Ella!

Cheer Up, Charlie- not only is this a feel-good, sweet song (and literally tells you to cheer up) but it is special to me because last summer (at the climax of her nap strike that nearly killed us all), this became my go-to lullaby for Al. Hearing it now takes me back to those days of her sweet little chubby baby self. (Sobbing now.) And this version by Leslie Odom, Jr. is just magical. 

It's Gonna Be Okay- this one is more upbeat than almost all the other songs, and like I said, sometimes listening to a peppy song when I'm in a bad mood just gets on my nerves. But this is an exception, especially when my 2-year-old niece sings it and knows every word. =) Plus no one is more talented than The Piano Guys!

No One Is Alone- it's hard to believe, but I didn't know any of the songs from Into the Woods until I watched the movie a few years ago. I immediately became obsessed with the soundtrack and this song is my favorite. Plus Anna Kendrick nailing that high soprano? Yes. 

You'll Never Walk Alone- okay, I'm usually a purist about these things, but the original song from Carousel isn't my favorite. I love Shirley Jones, but this is the one Rodgers and Hammerstein movie I've never been able to get on board with, so... yeah. I included Josh Groban's version because it's flawless BUT if you want to hear some vocal insanity, go to YouTube and watch Ben Fankhauser sing it. Unbelievable. Fun fact: my dad used to sing this at high school graduations. (Change "hope" to "Christ" and it's ready for Christian schools. =)

Anchor Me- another one I've listened to a million times. Absolutely beautiful and so uplifting. 

You Will Be Found- if you know anything about Broadway you know that Dear Evan Hansen is THE popular new musical right now. This song starts off simple and touching and ends in the most amazing, choir-like anthem. It's what truly great musical theater is all about and it never fails to make me feel better. 

Bad Day- okay, kind of a dumb song, but how can you have a Bad Day playlist without... Bad Day?? And really, haven't we all faked a smile with our coffee to go? (ha.ha.) 

Here's to going from Ella to Alice. (This remains one of my favorite pictures of all time.) 

There you go. If you're having a bad day, I hope some of these make it a little better. If all else fails, there's ice cream... or literally any Carpenters album. =)