What I Wore Wednesday...

It's outfit day again! I've been enjoying having pictures of my outfits to refer back to... who knows? Maybe this will help me get over my weird aversion to repeating outfits. Also, may I just say that I don't know if my taste is changing or if I'm just getting picky or what, but very little of what I'm seeing in stores right now appeals to me. Maybe some I just don't dig  some of this season's trends or something. More than likely I'm just getting old. Eh. Anyway, on to my outfits... Oh, and as always, linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy!

This isn't really an outfit picture, but I used Kate's tutorial for making an infinity scarf out of a regular scarf, and put it to use on one I'd had for a couple years. Mustard is my favorite yellow, and I love how this turned out!

A little blurry (sorry)... this was for school.
Button down: Loft
Cardigan: Old Navy
Skirt and Boots: Belk

Skirt: New York and Company
Sweater- Loft
Jacket: Belk
Shoes: Target

I love a ruffle detail... and I really like wearing that blush/nude color with black.

T-shirt- Target
Cardigan- Van Heusen
Skirt: Old Navy
Flats: Old Navy

Lace skirt- Belk
Sweater- Loft
Scarf- Target
Boots- Belk


Sweater- Target
Top- Loft
Skirt- Walmart (five bucks!)
Shoes- Target

I do love a blouse with a tie in the front. Plus my husband loves this sweater because it's Carolina blue. =)

That's all, folks! Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. Love your beautiful outfits!! The yellow scarf is such a fun color, and that green and blue outfit makes me smile!

  2. love your outfit choices! i always struggle with work clothes to and wear the same thing on repeat! thanks for stopping by my blog today...wearing slippers is genius!

  3. I can never quite pull off the belted cardi/button down look. I keep trying... {I'm thinking its the leftover baby chub I haven't been able to get rid of} But, I'll keep trying!

    It looks lovely on you !

  4. I love how your infinity scarf turned out! It is so cute!

    Happy Wednesday! :)


  5. Great outfits. You look pretty everyday.


  6. cute outfit!! i love the yellow infinity scarf!

  7. Great looks! I love the yellow scarf!


  8. All fantastic outfits!!

    xo Rach

  9. love the scarf! and love the belted outfit!

  10. I love all of these outfits! I really like the green/blue color combo - bold but classy :)

  11. Super duper cute!!!

    Would love for you to come and link up to my Mommy & Me Stylin' Monday! Any beauty or fashion posts count! http://purplekale25.blogspot.com/search/label/Mommy%20Mondays

    Have a great week!


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