Jumping on the Blog-Wagon

Jumping on the Blog-Wagon

Well, here it is, folks. My very first blog post. Oh wait.

It's my SECOND.

I had just finished my first post... agonizing over every word (not really, but still.) I hit save (twice... learned that the hard way in Advanced Grammar and Composition, thanks to Dr. Paramore.) Then I clicked "publish". I even SAW with my own near-sighted eyes that the post was actually on the blog. But somehow in a tangle of sliding fingers (on my iPad) the page was whisked away and lost in the abyss. 

So, I hate to start my blog feeling cranky. I'll call it "slightly peeved". Anyway, I suppose things could be worse. And thanks to my photographic memory, I'll just spit out the same contents. (Ha! If only that were true!) 

So, my second first (letting it go!) post is here! I know you're just thrilled... after waiting for weeks with baited breath to see what wonderful words would pour forth from my witty little fingers. (Hardly... that was just my mom!) Actually, I've been contemplating writing a blog for quite a while but have been hesitant, to say the least. Why? Well, previously (up until recently), all of my contact with blogs was, well, uninspiring. (I'm working on choosing kind words... New Year's Resolution, you know.) 

"No one cares what your baby weighs at 7 2/3 months!"

"Oh look... another would-be anecdote that's NOT funny because there's NO punch line!"

"We get it! That prize you're going for... Sappiest Wife Ever? You win!"

These are a few of the snarky comments I thought and then shared with everyone kept to myself. (If you're wondering if I'm talking about you, the answer is probably yes. =D)  I guess it's the blogger's prerogative to choose her content (mindless dribble?) and audience (friends/family? adoring public?). That was one of my biggest challenges... who is this for? Who will actually read it? One of my primary hesitations with blogging is the assumption that anyone actually cares about what I have to say. Do they? I can't really say. 
So... have I answered those questions? Eh, not really. But I'll just have to rely on my sisters and my own lame-ometer to let me know if I'm stretching into big-girl diary territory. 

Why am I blogging, even after all the skepticism? First, I really do enjoy writing, and often I have a story or some other "piece" that I would love to share without leaving an obnoxiously long status on Facebook. Also, some cool (aka NORMAL) friends of mine have started blogging and have proven to me that it can actually be possible to blog about interesting things without giving a play-by-play of boring details no one cares about. Finally, I have recently (mainly due to Pinterest... addicting little devil) become interested in fashion/ clothing/ shopping blogs and while I certainly don't anticipate garnering any kind of a cult following, I would like to share that type of thing from time to time. 

 So, can I do it? Can I write a fun, interesting, amusing, entertaining, dare I say... occasionally thought-provoking blog? I will certainly have fun trying. As long as the STUPID computer doesn't lose my post again. *Deep breath*. I really am going to let that go, eventually.

Well, there it is... my introductory blog. If you liked it, read on! If you hated it, sue me. Last time I checked, I am worth exactly 36 cents.

Good night, yall. My next blog post will be less about, er... blogging. Promise.