Friday Favorites...

It's Friday! This week has gone by super fast, probably because we've been super busy getting ready for our Fall Festival tonight! Jonathan has been in charge of putting it together so we've had some running around to do, looking for some toys for the booths and things like that. It's going to be really fun, but I'm not gonna lie... I'm pretty sure I will sleep like the dead tonight after it's over.

Anyway, five favorites from this week....

1. I got to spend some time with Mamaw... always a wonderful thing. She's pretty awesome. =)
2. The ribbon aisle at Hobby Lobby... so many pretty Christmas choices! We went last weekend and I could have spent hours looking at all the Christmas stuff... oh wait, I did!
3. That Christmas-y looking postcard is the invitation to the Christmas program that I happened to write. Crazy! Anyway, I thought it looked awesome and my friend Amy did a really great job designing it!
4. Got to FaceTime the little man last night. He lights up my life. =)
5. Psych Season 6 is now on Netflix. I'm pretty sure my evenings will be quite full for the next few days.

Keeping it short and sweet today, but I've had a wonderful week and I'm looking forward to an awesome weekend. Fall Festival tonight, Homecoming service this Sunday... definitely no time to slow down, but I'm loving it! Thanksgiving break will be here soon enough. =) Have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. I'm linking up with Lauren as usual for High Five for Friday!


  1. As always, love your blogs. Say hello to Mamaw for me. Love the invitation. Good job. As always, Miss Ginger.:-)

  2. I love psych! It is SOOO good!!!
    oh pineapples!

  3. i'm ready to look at christmas stuff too!!


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