Ladies Retreat (from my iPhone)...

This past weekend, I headed to Goldsboro the MOMENT that school got out to see my sisters and mom. (By the way, I rode up with Mrs. Jo and it was one of the jolliest road trips I've ever had the pleasure to be on.) In no time, we arrived at Mamaw's and the fun ensued...

Amy looks slightly perturbed at this display of affection...

Three generations...

With Aunt Peggy and Stephen (his being home was an unexpected treat!)

Me and Claire Bear... Love her!

This is what happens when you ask my mother to take a picture...

Laughing about something I said, no doubt.

Me and Ames.
I'm not sure where April was hiding... she seemed to disappear every time I wanted to take her picture. Or maybe she ruined too many with her duck faces and I gave up trying. =)

The one and only Ginger Baines in her full storm gear.

Back to normal... sort of.

Seesters 1 and 3.

Seesters 4, 3, 2, 1 (left to right)
Also pictured is April's unborn offspring, who is already proving to be like his sister who is just too busy for Auntie Ashley (he wouldn't kick for me.)

Andrea Holloman did a great job coordinating this event! It went off without a visible (or invisible) hitch that I know of!

Berean ladies!

Me and Mrs. Kay Chandler, who is so fun and a great lady!

Gigi and me... she really is one of a kind! (And the ladies from my church tell me she reminds them of me... ha!)

This weekend was really great. If  you know me at all, this might shock you, and it almost pains me to admit it, because ladies' meetings are decidedly not my cup of tea, but this one was actually wonderful. The music, speakers (a-hem!), drama (which was incredible) and just the overall atmosphere was far more enjoyable than similar meetings I've attended in the past. (Not that all the past conferences have been terrible... more than likely I'm just growing up.) I know the ladies at Faith Church worked SO hard and it was very obvious! But even though my time with my family was faaarrr too short I am so glad they were able to come and that we got to sit on the front row and cause general pandemonium in the surrounding sections with our raucous laughter. =) 

So, between hanging out with my seesters, seeing many dear friends, watching my mom don an umbrella hat contraption and belt out "Singing in the Rain" in front of 1100+ ladies, and hearing one of my favorite singers sing one of my favorite songs (looking at you, KD!) this weekend was a great success. Oh, and having today off school was icing on the cake. However, all good things must come to an end, so I am ending this glorious long weekend and getting myself off to bed. =) 


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  1. Hey! This is Brittany Boyer. I was in Mrs. Willoughby's class when you were student teaching. Anyways, in LaPaz, that was my drama team in the background of your picture. Sadly though, you cannot see my face. I was at the head ofour table. Too bad I didn't realize you were there. Would have loved to speak with you! Miss ya!


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