What I Wore Wednesday...

So, this Wednesday I am THANKFUL that Thanksgiving is tomorrow, THANKFUL that today is a half-day at school, and THANKFUL that I am going to shop until I drop into an exhausted heap on Friday. Woohoo! Now, on to ze outfeets...

This is what I wore pretty much all week.

I kid. It's just what I wanted to be wearing all week but for the sake of my job my students I refrained and put some real clothes on.

Dress- Ross
Cardigan- Target
Belt- New York and Company
Scarf- Target
Boots- Belk

School (not a New Year's Eve party as my shirt would suggest):
Tank- Target
Cardigan- Belk
Skirt- Walmart
Shoes- Target

Field Trip (to a pottery shop downtown... so fun!):
Lace tank- Ann Taylor
Cardigan and necklace- Target
Jean skirt- Ann Taylor Factory Store
Boots- Belk

Time out: can we all just agree that the word for burgundy/dark red/purplish-red is just one of those < and not "oxblood"??? Why anyone would want to describe their clothing as being a shade of bovine innards is beyond me. Ew, ew, ew. Let's kill that trend, shall we?

Dress- Old Navy
Cardigan and Scarf- Target
Boots- Belk
Sad story about my boots... I bought them in September and wore them only once when the rubber around the heel started peeling off. I exchanged them for a new pair, hoping it was just a fluke. HA- no such luck. I returned/exchanged them FOUR TIMES hoping for a non-defective pair, but after my strongly worded email to Belk about the quality of this merchandise, etc, and a call from a customer service rep (who was very nice, to her credit), I learned that every pair of this style was messed up. Leave it to me to choose, out of hundreds of boots, the style that has a faulty sole glue or whatever. Oh well, now I have an excuse to shop for boots again. I really am sad because I just loved these... but not enough for the bottoms to fall off within like 2 weeks.

I hope everyone has a simply fabulous holiday and break this week... I know I will! 

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. I really Like you dress from Ross. Very cute outfits.

  2. I LOVE the dress belted with the cardigan!!!

  3. I can't WAIT for Friday to go shopping!! What stores are you going to hit up?

  4. i love all your outfits!! I just bought that black sparkly tank top from target and can't wait to wear it! and love the leopard scarf. yeah for a break from the students! :) happy thanksgiving!


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