Thanksgiving Flashback...

This weekend was a whirlwind: eat, sleep, shop, rinse, repeat. 

A silent, empty classroom. Vacation has begun!

I must confess that I would take a large Coke and a salted pretzel from Sam's over most fancy meals. Walking around a warehouse full of bulk products with a $1.87 meal in hand? That's the American dream, folks.

I participated in Grace's Thanksgiving outfit linkup and thank goodness that Audrey gave me some last minute inspiration! My maxi dress-sweatshirt combo was perfect for the big meal and 3-hour nap that proceeded it.

Major... Mamaw's dog who seemed to think my legs were his chew toy all week.

So thankful for this guy!

Sad faces that we couldn't see the Georgia clan =(

Sorry, moving on from the PDA...

My Thanksgiving Eve lineup of Christmas movies. I think I made it through them all except for Polar Express.

Stoked about Black Friday shopping... and we are old people and lasted about 46 minutes before returning home to sleep.

Lunch at Panera on Friday was better than any deal I could have found! Seriously, their broccoli cheddar soup is my kryptonite.

I always love seeing the big tree at Triangle Town Center! 

And I had this song on repeat throughout the weekend... how have I never heard this before? I'm not a huge Phelps fan (gasp from all you fans, sorry!) but this is a great album with the exception of a few songs.

I hope you all had super days off, found lots of good deals, and ate to your hearts' (not diets') content. I do love Thanksgiving, but I'm thrilled to finally be able to go into full-out Christmas mode without being called a holiday skipper. (My nickname for Jonathan around this time of year is Ebenezer... no particular reason.) 


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