Wow... believe it or not, this is my 100th post here at A Dash of Ash. One hundred times I have sat down at the computer and blabbed about something. I remember when I first started writing here and wondered what in the world I'd come up with to talk about even ten times, and now I've done it (for good or bad) 100 times. Crazy.

So what exactly HAVE I talked about for the past few months? There have been recipes and my totally inexpert opinion about things like music and movies. You've seen glimpses of my classroom and my house. I've talked about family (many times) and special times in my marriage, even our tropical anniversary getaway. I've told funny stories about my total inability to perform in public, empathized with those who dietranted about things we ALL wish would just go away. I've gotten sappy about my mom and dad. A few times I have even ventured into the world of crafting. A few times I have actually been serious, even when it's not an easy topic. I've shared my week's highlights on Fridays. I have even (gasp) become a wannabe fashion blogger once a week.

Through it all, you guys have made it fun and kept me going. It makes me laugh when people say "blog even if you're the only one who reads it." I guess, but it seems to me that you could just buy a diary if you weren't concerned with anyone reading it. Face it- bloggers (and all writers) write to an audience of some kind... and you guys have been really awesome. Whether you've read one post or all 100 (Mom), taking the time to read, like, comment, or share means a lot. Honest.

So whether I'm indulging my materialistic side(s)gushing about my nieces/nephew, or counting my blessings, thanks for being along for the ride. I obviously haven't limited my topics here, but my goal has stayed the same... to entertainencourage, and (dare I say) even provide a little food for thought. Maybe one day I can say I'm a certain type of blogger, like a fashion blogger or mommy blogger (not anytime soon) or craft blogger (haha). For now I'll just keep sharing what feels right each day, and hope that you'll keep reading. 

So... 100 posts down, many more to go. I'll go on if you will too. =) 


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  1. So proud of my writer! I truly am a fan of a "Dash of Ash" and even 100 Dashes! Congrats on your Centennial Blog.


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