High Five for Friday...

The best thing about today is that one week from now, we'll be having a Christmas party at school... when the last kid leaves, my Christmas break starts. A-men. Of course, I'll have the Christmas program to direct after that, but hey... I don't mind clearing my plate one thing at a time. =) This week has been busy (as usual) but it was good, too. And it's hard to be grumpy when you hear Christmas music everywhere! Here are five of my favorite things from this week... linking up with Lauren as always!

1. Homemade salsa- the best. Here's the recipe in case you missed it.
2. Just a little deep reading during my free hour yesterday. Don't act like you didn't want to be Nancy Drew.
3. This face... seriously? How can you not love it.
4. Breaking out the Christmas hat I've had since 8th grade for many years. Hey, it's festive!
5. We took the Awana kids Christmas caroling, and Mrs. Jo happened to bring REAL jingle bells. Fun times.

Just a few more days, tests to give, and parties to throw, then it's Christmas break for me! Have a super weekend, everybody! Merry Christmas!



  1. Looks like a great week! Very cool you're involved with Awana!

  2. my mother in law makes her own salsa!! it is seriously the best. but its bad because i can just eat a whole bag of chips with it... a costco bag. haha


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