Christmas Wishes...

Don't we all have a few items that we'd love to get for Christmas, even if we know they're impractical or way out of our budget (or both)? I always have a wish list in my head of those kinds of things, and I usually don't even bother telling Jonathan (unless I'm feeling particularly squirrely and/or optimistic.) But this year a few things have crossed my materialistic little path and I thought I'd share them with any generous benefactors lurking out there among my followers. =)

This sweater is awesome. I first saw it a couple months ago and have waited impatiently for it to go on sale (simply because of my cheapo principle that I don't pay full price for anything.) Finally I got that blessed email that said Target's sweaters were 30% off this week. I love the color, the cable knit on the front, the subtle waffle knit on the arms, and the khaki-ish color that will be a welcome break from black or gray with my colorful skirts. And it's the least pricey (by far) item here, so I'm pretty sure I can sweet-talk Santa (aka my husband) into letting me have it.

Let me start with a little disclaimer... I have never been a fan of Uggs. Maybe it's seeing them paired with shorts in the middle of summer one too many times, but they're just not my favorite. However, that changed after I saw a couple of my friends (Lauren and Brandi) wearing these "sweater" Uggs and I love them! This version that can be worn as knee-high or folded down and buttoned short is adorable, and I love that heather gray. Cute and cozy... but wearing with shorts is forbidden. 

How adorable is this Alice+Olivia luggage? I was pretty excited about the Neiman Marcus collection at Target, if only because it's cool to see things by designers I've only read about (and yes, they're not exactly the quality and yes, they're still more expensive than what Target charges, but still...) Anyway, I checked out the new line this weekend and I thought this black and white (with neon trim!) luggage set was so cute and would be so snazzy to carry through the airport. I could use an update from my tapestry, looks-like-everyone-else-including-your-grandma's luggage and would definitely love to replace it with this set.

Okay, can we say BLING?! While I've never been one of those women that just has to have expensive jewelry (which pleases my husband to no end), I received an email recently about the Forevermark "Center of My Universe" collection that is going to be represented exclusively at a few select Reeds Jewelers locations, one of them being Triangle Town Center in Raleigh! (So close... I may have to go see these beauties in person.) This Forevermark series is absolutely beautiful... if you follow that pin you'll see several more pieces that are just to die for. Stocking stuffer, anyone?

I don't know if you're into "it" bags or not... I appreciate the quality of a nice purse, but I'm not really interested in having the initials of a particular brand emblazoned all over my bag. That's why I love this simple leather Coach tote... the shape, color, and style are just classic. Definitely an investment piece, but one I would be happy to carry around (and maybe be motivated to keep clean of clutter, as I'm fairly certain I wouldn't want the bottom of a $500 bag to be full of my Hershey's Kisses wrappers.)

So, there are just a few things that I'm "wishing" for (aka drooling over but not really expecting to get)... I'd say that I've been good enough this year to convince Santa to drop off a diamond earring set or two, but we all know that's far from the truth. Oh well, anything's better than coal, I suppose!

What are some of your big-ticket Christmas wishes?


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  1. I didn't know you were in the Raleigh area! I am too! yay!

    I would like one of those Coach bags as well. Yes, please!!!


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