Christmas Traditions....

Isn't it funny how every family has things they do every year at Christmas... and even though we forget how or why these things were started, we keep on doing them. Why? It's TRADITION! And goodness knows it is a heinous crime to break tradition, especially at Christmas time. Landen, Janssen, and Merrick are hosting a Christmas traditions linkup and I knew I'd have a couple of winners to share. 

My first favorite tradition is our annual trip to see Santa Clause. Unfortunately, due to the black hole that is my mother's picture collection, I can't find proof of all of these... but there are a few I rounded up. I'm sure this started as soon as my oldest sister was born but it's kind of slacked off the last few years, I guess since three of us are now married and our husbands would rather face military torture than go see Santa at the mall. Oh, and two of us have kids and it wouldn't feel right to push the toddlers aside in order to share our wish lists.

That Santa looks a little shady...(I think this was 1989)

Maybe '94?

Eh... '99?

Yikes. This was not a good year for anyone's hair, apparently. Oh, and I remember taking this at the crummiest mall in the state of Washington, so there's that.

Then there's the tradition of new (matching) pajamas on Christmas Eve. We had Aladdin pajamas, Winnie the Pooh, gingerbread men, Care Bears.... 

2010... Right after Leslie Lu was born...

Last year...

And tonight, we'll break out the new ones... whatever Mom found on clearance chose for us. =)

Other Baines traditions include, but are not limited to, sausage balls on Christmas morning, stocking stuffers of shampoo and other toiletries (no one quite knows the reason), Dad singing "Sweet Little Jesus Boy" (but not this year... stupid bronchitis!), watching any of these movies, listening to the Carpenters, reading the Christmas story, trying on every gift right after we get it.... Now everything is a lot louder and crazier, because there are lots more people (including little people) but it's so fun!

Oh, and this year we're going to Disney World. I'm all about starting new traditions... so I'm certainly down with making this one. Merry Christmas Eve!


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