Today I...

Today I....

-couldn't decide what to write about, so I am borrowing Janssen's post idea.

-slept in to a shamefully late hour.

-dreamed that I had written all of next year's Christmas play, only to awake and find that it was not true. Bummer.

-am praying for Newtown. Hope you are too.

-am completely thrilled to be cleaning my house that has been sadly neglected for the past two weeks.

-will probably take several breaks during that cleaning to watch Christmas movies.

-am making lunch plans for tomorrow.

-couldn't be prouder of our church choir and especially the cast of the Christmas program. They did an GREAT job this weekend... thanks guys!

-need to organize my closet and drawers. We'll see.

-can't believe my Leslie Lu is 2 years old! Love that goose.

-am thankful that Saturday's post seemed to encourage some of you, or at least voiced what you may have been feeling. Thanks for sharing it!

-have an ENORMOUS amount of candy at my beck and call. You may find me buried under a pile of Snickers wrappers.

-am counting down the hours til I get to see my family!!!

-am sitting in my SPOTLESSLY clean office, thanks to Jonathan. Love it!

-love that picture at the top with my little actor. =)

-am giving a shout-out to my adorable little sister, Amy, who happens to be 
beautiful and talented and smart and will make some man a GREAT wife someday. 
Sorry, I gush... (hehe)

-need to get off this computer and actually start on my lengthy list of stuff.

Happy Monday, my friends. 


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