One thing I rarely do here at the Dash is talk about my husband. I mean, sure, I mention him, but I don't spend much time (any, really) bragging about him or raving about how wonderful he is. I could, but I don't... mainly because I don't want anyone to gag and PDA on the www is a little nauseating, right? So I refrain.

BUT today is Jonathan's 25th birthday, and since this is my blog and I make the rules write the posts, I have decided that just one over-the-top mushfest in honor of the greatest guy I know will not be superfluous in the grand scheme of things. So, here it is: on his birthday, 25 reasons I love my husband/think he is the bomb. 

1. He is, without a doubt, the hardest worker I know. Teaching, church work, grad school, stuff at home... he always gets his tasks accomplished (and done well) and hardly breaks a sweat. Maybe it's because...

2. ...he's super organized. As in, he has a million things to do and he somehow does them all without any of it falling through the cracks, all while keeping it all straight in his head (and making ridiculously good grades in his freakishly hard classes.) 

3. He knows what a baby I am about interacting with other humans that I don't know and takes care of all phone calls/mail regarding, but not limited to, appointments, insurance, bills, car repairs... whatever. I hate making calls like that and he knows it and does it for me, God bless him.

4. He handles all our money. While this is only a burden to me when I'm standing at Target with a basket full of stuff and Dave Ramsey Jr. is frowning at me, it is a huge blessing the rest of the time. I have no patience for or skill with math or money, and it is far safer for our finances (and our marriage) that I am hands-off in this area. 

5. He's smart... really, really smart. It drove me crazy in college because he would "study" (aka barely glance at his notes) and ace every test. Lucky for him, he married me- a word nerd, so we get along splendidly trying to outdo each other with big words (I usually win.) Seriously, the guy's a brain.

6. He's athletic. You'd think such a brain would be a less than stellar athlete but I love knowing that whether it's soccer, basketball, tennis, golf... I can proudly watch him play sports because he does well in all of them. (However, due to his STUPID injury I have banned him from the basketball court for life.)

7. He is probably the least picky eater on the planet and has enthusiastically devoured everything I've ever cooked in nearly three years of marriage.

8. He tolerates my love of shopping and will even offer his opinion when I try things on (even though sometimes that input is half-hearted at best, I do welcome it.) Come to think of it, it's not my love of shopping he has a problem with... it's the spending money part that he isn't a fan of. =) 

9. He is a die-hard Carolina Tar Heels fan, thank goodness. I just don't know if I could have married a Duke fan, honestly.

10. He has an immense knowledge of the Bible and always reading and studying to learn even more. He's definitely my go-to for any Bible/theology questions, and I love that we can talk about these things together.

11. He offers input (when asked) about the blog and even takes my outfit pictures with minimal mockery.

12. He is really a lot more like me than most people think. I am the more outgoing of the two of us, but in reality we have similar personalities- I'm more likely to voice a sarcastic comment, but I can guarantee you he's thinking it! 

13. He lets things go. Seriously, the man rarely lets anything "get to" him, and this both inspires me (to do the same) and frustrates me (when I want to be offended on his behalf.) 

14. He adores my nieces and nephews as much as I do. He is nice enough to not gloat (most of the time) that they all prefer him to me, tolerating me on the phone for about two seconds before they begin clamoring for "Uncle Jonafan!" Little jerks. But really, he is so good about playing with them and talking to them on FaceTime and just generally being a very sweet uncle. 

15. He dresses well. (Well, he dresses up well... we are working on his casual style. =) But really, one of the first things I noticed about him as a teenager (!!!) was that his suit and shirt and tie were so sharp, and I still love that. I've even got him wearing cardigans now, so score one for me.

16. He is so great with kids... good thing for a children's pastor, right? But really, the way he can be silly with the kids and still get serious about the Bible and tolerate all their kid-ness (that generally I have about zero seconds of patience for) is awesome. 

17. He is the king of random, trivial knowledge. As possibly the only person in New Bern under the age of 50 who reads the local paper, he is always up on the latest obscure news story or tidbit of information. Although this is tiresome at times, I imagine one day I will be needing an answer to some random question (perhaps on a game show) and lucky for me he will be around.

18. He is not one for surprises, flowers, or "just because" gifts, but a) he knows that I would rather have clothes than flowers because flowers die and b) he really does treat me like a princess around here, serving me daily and spoiling me in a million little ways all the time. 

19. He is so talented- he can sing, play sports, act (for real... he's been in a bunch of Christmas plays and he's really good!), preach, teach... (yes, this is straight-up bragging. Calm down... it's his birthday.)

20. Not only does he appreciate (well, acknowledge, anyway) my endless offering of movie quotes, etc. but he has gotten quite good at naming the movie, and sometimes even contributes one himself (which I find adorable.)

21. He has made my family his family. That means so much more than I can even express (since we're a crazy bunch) but it's true and I love him for it.

22. My family adores him, and are quick to remind me how lucky I am to have married him (yes, I know) and that he is practically the fourth member of the Trinity (sure, okay) and that he sure has to put up with a lot (hey! watch it!). 

23. He makes me laugh every day, and more importantly, laughs at my jokes, which you can imagine is crucial to our relationship.

24. He indulges all of fictional obsessions... like my depression when Psych ends for the season, for example.  He only calls me crazy occasionally.

25. He is the sweetest, funniest, hottest (yeah, I said it!), coolest, godliest man in the world... and I just happen to be married to him. 

Allow me to gush for just another moment and say that I'm not exaggerating or being facetious when I tell you that I still wonder how in the world I ended up married to Jonathan McNeese (I guess in my mind, I'm still 14 and thinking "There's no way he'd like me!") But not only did he like me, he loves me and shows me daily how to be a better person and a better Christian (and tells me I'm pretty... am I lucky or what?). I really could not ask for a better man to spend my life with, and I am sooo thankful that God gave me this guy.

Now, show's over. Non-sappy Ash will be back tomorrow. But for today, happy birthday to my sweetheart. I love you!



  1. Never apologize for bragging a little on your man. He will act like you shouldn't but he's really glad you do. And coming from one whose husband is now with the Lord (after 43 & 1/2 years together) I wish I had complimented mine every chance I had. You won't regret it & neither will he.

  2. Never apologize for bragging a little on your man. He will act like you shouldn't but he's really glad you do. And coming from one whose husband is now with the Lord (after 43 & 1/2 years together) I wish I had complimented mine every chance I had. You won't regret it & neither will he.


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