Just What the Doctor Ordered...

You know what's worse than falling asleep worrying about something? Waking up worrying about the same thing. Yuck. 

So, I was a little down (worrying as only I can) last night, and it carried over into this morning, and I just needed a little cheering up. Knowing this, my sweet husband took me to Morehead City this afternoon. What's in Morehead, you might ask? Shopping... not any shopping to write home about, really, but better than the shopping situation in New Bern. Jonathan knows that when I'm sad/mad/upset/any type of melancholy that shopping is just the thing to lift my spirits. So, shopping was in order and shop we did.

We drove down and he proceeded to willingly walk through Hobby Lobby and Michael's with me, braved Belk with about a zillion women crowded into a teeny tiny area stuffed with clearance racks, and even ventured into Ross and TJ Maxx. He also waited outside several dressing rooms to offer his opinion, bought me some new things, and helped me pick out an awesome picture for our living room wall. Oh, and we even went to Lowe's to get paint to (drum roll.....) FINALLY paint our dining room table and chairs. Woohoo!

It's probably a good thing that it's a bit of a drive to the nearest Hobby Lobby, because I would be sorely tempted to spend lots of money and time there.

Choosing just the right paint for the table makeover...

Oh, I didn't even mention that Jonathan knows my love language is Panera. (What, that's not one of the five? Oops.) We ate an early dinner there and a broccoli cheddar bread bowl will perk me up when nothing can. My goodness, it is heavenly.

He's a good man, that husband of mine.

This turned out to be a really swell day. There really is a little truth to the term retail therapy, you know? Oh, I hope every one of you has a fantastic Memorial Day. Only 4 more school days before I'm free for the summer (free to work on other things, of course, but at least grading tests won't be one of those things.) 

What's your definition of an ideal Saturday? Mine is a day spent with my husband (including, but not limited to, shopping and Panera.) Looks like we got it all covered today. =)



  1. I'm so glad that your husband was able to cheer you up. I hope that everything is ok now...it's hard waking up to the same worries that you had the night before. I wish I was in Morehead right now. Love that place!

  2. I agree, Panera's broccoli cheddar soup is definitely my love language too! And although Hobby Lobby is wonderful, I think my weakness is Target. It just sucks up all my time and money, funny how that happens. :) I'm glad you have such a great hubby who can cheer you up!


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