Throwback (Waaay Back) Thursday...

Apparently it's a thing on Instagram to post an old picture on what has has become known as "Throwback Thursday." (Other photo opportunities of this nature include "Selfie Sunday" and "Man Candy Monday," neither of which I have been a participant of.) Anyway, I do enjoy "#tbt" because one of my very favorite things to do is to look at old pictures. Every time I am home I try to find time to dig out at least one big box of them. And while digital photography certainly has its advantages, there's just something about holding an actual picture in your hand. I don't know, call me sentimental (which I am.) I just like it. 

Some other blogger friends have been participating in what is called "Blog Every Day in May" (clearly I didn't jump on the bandwagon, since I have not blogged every day this month) but I enjoyed looking at the post prompts and one of them was "a favorite photo of yourself and why." I came across this picture on our stone-age laptop (the one I cheerfully use at school even though it doesn't print regularly and loses my lesson plans all. the. time.) 

(No, my eyes aren't brown... I had to do a quick red-eye touch-up since this was taken with  a... Wait for it... Disposable camera. How's that for a throwback?)

Why do I love this picture? 
1. This was taken at the probably the peak of my obsession with American Eagle graphic tees, and this shirt was my faaaavorite. I was learning to play the guitar that summer and thought the shirt was the coolest thing ever.
2. I am (comfortably) wearing what I remember to be a size 4 skirt and I'm pretty sure it was loose on me. Oh, for the days.
3. That ancient flip-phone wasn't even mine; it was Amanda's, I believe. I was one of the 3 seniors in high school in America without a cellphone. 
4. I was talking to my boyfriend (at the time) and that smile was as genuine as it could be. (The head cocked sideways might have been a bit much, but that was how I rolled back in '07.)

Do you have a favorite old picture? I definitely have my share of oldies that make me cringe, but this one makes me smile. Still love the shirt, and the guy on the phone. =)

Happy Throwback Thursday to you!



  1. I love photos that bring back a flood of memories. I don't think I got a cell phone until I was a senior in high school...and that was only because I had a job that was about 35 minutes away from my home....and even then I didn't use it a ton. This really is a cute picture of you! I also really like looking back through old pictures.

  2. I remember that shirt...and phone.


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