Lucky Seven...

Last summer when Jonathan and I took a quick trip to D.C.,  we stopped at a huge mall somewhere in Virginia (you know me and my mangled sense of geography) and that mall, unlike any near us, had an H&M. Up until a year or so ago, I had never even been in an H&M, much less purchased anything from one, but I was always seeing really cute stuff from there in magazines and it was inexpensive. (You know me and my cheapskate mentality.) Anyway, long story unnecessarily longer we hit the jackpot at this particular one and I found some really awesome deals. One of them was this dress, which I absolutely love and have worn in fall, winter, and spring... a real winner.

Seven dollars, folks. A mere seven dollars for this lovely dress I have worn at least seven times. A dollar cost per wear? Done.

I love the colors and the shape and the sleeves and well, everything.

Also, I saw this necklace at Target a few months back and knew it would eventually be mine. I have seen a bunch of teardrop necklaces floating around the internet but I wanted one that was a little more substantial and, let's be honest, one that didn't look exactly like every other one I'd seen floating around the internet. This one was perfect. I love the color (more of a mint than how blue it looks here) and it was worth using a gift card on, for sure. The wedges are from Target too and aren't wedges just the best for wearing a dressier shoe without wanting to amputate your toes at the end of the day? Yes, they are.

Also, I would love your advice on a matter of great importance. (Clothes, naturally.) I bought this skirt:

....last week at Belk and it is every bit as bright and sunshine-y as it looks. It's a true neon yellow and I have tried lots of different tops with it (yes, including chambray, everyone's Plan B these days) and most of them don't look bad but I haven't loved anything yet. The pattern is noticeable enough that I feel like a patterned top is a little much. My ideal choice would be a simple gray t-shirt (like zis outfit from Kendi) but mine is in the laundry so that outfit may never see the light of day. Just kidding... but seriously. Any suggestions?

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! Two more days until school's out... I think I can, I think I can. =)


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  1. I think it would look just darling with a simple black t-shirt tucked in, and a statement necklace. Maybe the mint one featured above, or a nice coral!

  2. What a pretty dress! I love that it was only $7 too! I first fell in love with H&M while in Europe, but there's not one within a few hundred miles of where I live :(

  3. Beauty-ful!I miss having an H&M closer by, because they do have some really great steals.

  4. Yes to mint, even white sometimes and black. However, my first choice would also be gray. I just bought neon yellow shorts from J.Crew and have to go replace my very sad gray T.

    Come link up with me at Watcha Wearing Wednesday! I'm giving away a $100 gift card.

  5. H&M is probably second place in my heart, second only to the queen of the world - Target. :) And I love that skirt! I automatically would pair white or black with it, if you wore black you might slightly resemble a bumble bee but I think it would be cute :)

  6. That dress is fantastic! I can't believe you got it for only $7! Hmm...I like the idea of chambray and the grey shirt idea...Maybe a poofy white shirt with a fun necklace?

  7. that dress is beautiful! I seem to never find anything good at H&M anymore which sucks for me, not too bad for my wallet I suppose. as far as the skirt goes, maybe a polka dot top or a white tee with a big necklace? but if you are struggling now, maybe return it?


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