Gimme Five...

So, let me be the first to tell all of you lucky people who got out of school today- I hate you. Just kidding! Happy summer to you... enjoy your first week off while I don't. =) Really, we only have 4 days left (3 of them half day, praise God) so I can make it. It won't stop me from being jealous, though, no sir. Anyway, I had all kinds of post ideas this week and even drafted a couple of them but HA! Last week before finals/program practice/after school help class/general pandemonium and that didn't happen but soon I will have more time on my hands and will hopefully get around to posting some more interesting content other than how crazy my life is (which I'm sure you never tire of, but still... variety is the spice of life.)

SO on to some happiness from this week (other than the passing of each day bringing me closer to summer- given). 

1. My new floral espadrilles from Target were... wait for iiiiit.... one dollar! They were on sale for $5.98 and I had a coupon for $5 off Merona shoes so, these were indeed a score. Yay!

2. If you don't love Ben and Jerry's then I guess we're still friends but I'll have to ask myself if I ever really knew you. This is my very favorite kind of B& cousin Rachel used to buy it years ago and she would sometimes generously share with me (probably because I begged) but it's so good. It was also comforting the other night when I unable to sleep and found myself on the couch at one am eating ice cream and pondering things that you ponder at one in the morning. 

3. We hit single digits in the countdown to summer on Wednesday. Woohoo!

4. My poor dining room table, a garage sale find right before we got married, desperately needs to be painted because the legs are navy (and news flash, everything else in the room is red and black. Major clashing going on.) But to make it prettier while it awaits a makeover, I found this awesome runner at Target the other day on clearance. Black and white stripes? Obviously it was made for me.

5. And it case you were lacking some unbelievable adorableness in your life... I am ready to fill it.
This girl is sooooo cute. Seriously, I can't stand it. I love my Leslie! (And her ever-fattening brother that I need to see asap before he loves his other aunties more than me. Okay, too late.) 

Happy Friday, friends! Summer is so close I can just taste it (and it tastes a lot like Hawaiian Shaved Ice and homemade ice cream, so it needs to get here quickly.)


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  1. I really enjoyed reading this little "dash"! However, I do not share your enjoyment of summer's advent. In fact, I'm so depressed about losing the students (especially the seniors). I definitely needed this little smile today! Thanks for posting! Dennis Goltiao

  2. you got those shoes for ONE DOLLAR? Seriously? Wow what a deal! I love me some tarjay. And that baby....oh my goodness. She is just so stinking cute!


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