Gifts and Gift Cards...

One of the number one perks of being a teacher is definitely Teacher Appreciation Week. And while I am fully grateful for any expressions of appreciation, let's be honest... any teacher is going to be extra grateful for (drum roll...) gift cards! So, you can imagine my delight when I received several Target gift cards last week. "When in doubt, buy Ashley a Target gift card." Let this be your mantra and you will never go astray. Favorite present + favorite store = win/win.

This year, though, I actually did  receive a gift (other than a gift card) that literally had me doing a happy dance when I opened it. (Well, this gift and the cupcakes another student brought in. I do love some cupcakes.) So, I've whined like a baby mentioned a time or two before that I really wanted a floral scarf, and one of my school moms who apparently stops by el bloggo now and then remembered that and bought me this beautiful one and I love it.

Of course I immediately wore it with a striped top because that's how I roll.

I just love these colors... they're so summery! Plus it's light enough to wear on a warm day (like today) but full the way I like (I'm a picky pants when it comes to scarves.) This one is a winner, for sure!

And, with the help of my gift cards (and a sale!) I bought this dress that I've been eyeing for months now. Black and white stripes? No brainer. Plus it's a nice ponte knit that won't be terribly hot in summer but won't look dumb with a sweater and boots. When my husband, unprompted, looks at a purchase and says "That's so you," I know it was a good one. 

So, gifts, gift cards, new goodies from Target? It's been a good week for my closet (and Jonathan's wallet. =) 

Find any good deals lately? Do tell.


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  1. Cute scarf!! And thanks for the gift suggestion! I never know aha to get my kids' teachers. I can do a gift card!

  2. visiting from WIWW. i love that scarf with that top. yay yellow!

  3. Cute scarf and dress! And I think it pairs perfectly with the yellow striped tee. :)

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