Procrastination and a DIY...

Remember many, many moons ago when I resolved to actually make/wear/do things that I pin on Pinterest? Well, and I say this shamefacedly, I didn't exactly get around to all of that. However, a few weekends ago I did finally bring myself to make a Michael's run and buy some fabric paint so I could recreate this awesome graphic T that Merrick made a while back. I followed her tutorial and met with semi-sketchy results (since I am still a total crafting novice/ utter spaz) but regardless, I am pleased with the outcome.

The stuff: a paintbrush, freezer paper, fabric paint, and a plain white t. (Literally, not the group.)

A helpful husband with better scissor-using skills than a kindergarten student (unlike yours truly) is a plus. 

The finished product.... perfect for my love of nautical things.

So my lines aren't perfect and it's a little crooked. I'd hate for the work to mistaken as someone else's. I'd put a picture of Merrick's but that would make it glaringly obvious that my own is more than marginally inferior to her perfect results. =)

I won't even attempt to give you directions, but follow Merrick's tutorial and you'll be all set. I can definitely see myself using freezer paper/fabric paint for other projects. It's really fun and cheap and pretty easy (especially if you have any measure of talent in this type of thing, which I don't.) Now go forth and craft! (Wow... words I never thought I'd say/type. There's a first for everything.)


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  1. you go, girl! I love it! I've been wanting to try that tutorial, but I haven't made the time to do so. I am inspired now after seeing yours!


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