Weekend Adventures...

Last week was crazy... no need to elaborate. I think you all understand that as a teacher, my days can include any number of the varieties of crazy, and pretty much every day last week contained at least one or two. So, by the time Friday afternoon rolled around I was ready to run for the hills rest and relax and maybe even venture out of the four walls of my house to do something besides sleep. (Rarely do such activities tempt me, but that's neither here nor there.)

The weather on Friday and Saturday was gorgeous... so nice, in fact, that I insisted that Jonathan and I take advantage of it by heading downtown. I'll probably have a post here soon about how much I adore downtown New Bern- the cute shops, pretty trees and the water, and just the all-around loveliness of a well-kept historic downtown. So, after running home from school to change we drove down to Union Point Park and started walking along the river there, ending up at the Pepsi store for (what else?) Mountain Dew and some popcorn. Then we went home, ate supper, and watched Full House because apparently we are 11 and 12, not 24 and (almost) 25. 

Saturday morning was spent at our church's Upward soccer games (Jonathan refs while I cheer for my students and pretend to know what's going on...) and afterwards we ran home and headed back downtown because, well,I was avoiding housework it was another gorgeous day that I couldn't bear to spend inside cleaning or organizing my closet (what I should have been doing.) So this time, we went straight to Cow Cafe for ice cream (my first mint chocolate chip of the season... but far from the last, I promise) and then walked to a bunch of shops I've never been in before, including a thrift store that had some really great stuff. (For real, designer clothes for like six bucks. Unheard of.) I was dreading not really looking forward to having to cook when we got home, so when Jonathan suggested we have dinner at Stingray Cafe I was all over it. Stingray is a little restaurant downtown and has really great seafood (Jonathan swears by their shrimp burger) and I highly recommend the shrimp or anything else really. Yummo.

A little hat shopping at Target...

A weekend with my guy that included shopping, ice cream, seafood, shopping, laughing, movies, shopping... was a pretty great weekend. We both were so tired from the long week and really needed to just spend time together and laugh and have fun (which we did) while satisfying my sweet tooth (check) and my need to shop (check, check.) 

Do anything crazy this weekend? (If crazy means watching 90's family television and drinking way too much Mountain Dew, then my weekend was out of control.)


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