Pencil Skirts and T's...

... or, a post about clothing that may bore you so you have my permission to click away to something more interesting. =)

Up until the last year or so, I never really included pencil skirts in my arsenal of casual clothing options. I mean, they weren't super dressy all the time, but I didn't think to grab one with a t-shirt for a relaxed but polished outfit. Then Merrick posted a tutorial for making a pencil skirt, and while I certainly don't have her skills to just whip one up with some fabric and little magic, I loved how she wore hers with a tshirt and flat sandals. The shape of a pencil skirt is polished but the fit/style doesn't have to be. 

Anyway, I'm veering into some very fashion-blogger vocabulary here (in a minute, I'll start telling what I paired instead of wore... cause that's how I roll) so, suffice it to say that pencil skirts and t-shirts are a new favorite outfit of mine. 

Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Target
Wedges: Target

Necklace: American Eagle (very, very old!)

A privileged behind-the-scenes glimpse at the hideously angry faces I make at my poor husband when he is taking my picture. Or maybe I was just bitter that I will never master the half-tuck like  Kendi has. 

Shirt: J.Crew Factory
Skirt: Loft
Shoes: Target

New resolution: take pictures before it's dark outside and I am forced to pose in the dim light in front of my pantry.

Love the stripes and the flower embellishment! Oh, and these little gold flats were less than four dollars a few months ago... and they're sooo comfortable. 

SO, in case you haven't tried to put some of your more casual tops (like a t-shirt) with something you might consider a little fancier (like a pencil skirt), then do it! It's still comfortable but looks a little nicer that my go-to denim. Happy Wednesday, lovelies!

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  1. I seriously love your color combinations and the yellow skirt is my favorite version. Found you via The Pleated Poppy!

  2. I do love a good pencil skirt! And I think you mastered the half-tuck perfectly :-)

  3. I love the way this looks, but I HATE pencil skirts on me. They are so tight on the hips/butt and super big on the waist, so I think I am just shaped funny.

    Sidenote: you ARE doing Mission: Put Together, right? Of course you are. :)

  4. So cute! I love the laid back look of a tee with a dressier skirt.

  5. Love the combo! I have this skirt haha

    Tiff Ima
    Style Honestly

  6. I always feel cool and businesslike when wearing a pencil skirt--but I don't think I've ever worn one with a plaid t-shirt. I like that combo!


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