The Last Round...

I mentioned the other day that I had to finish up my bulletin boards this week. Well, after many, many hours, fingers sore from pushing straight pins into the wall, and hands grimy with sticky tack, I am all done. (Insert Hallelujah Chorus and fireworks here.) If you're at teacher or have any experience with classroom decor, you know that it's time-consuming, rather tedious work. But, since I'm a wacko I actually enjoy decorating my room; of course, that doesn't mean I wasn't doing a happy dance when I finished up yesterday. You see, this is my last round of boards for the school year- what?? How crazy is it that this year is almost over? (Again, no complaints... just excitement.) So, since I'm sure everyone out there is positively overcome with a desire to see my bulletin boards, here they are.

This board was the object of much labor and frustration last year, when I searched all over creation for a red and white checked tablecloth to no avail... so napkins were my last resort. (Oh, and as my luck would have it, I found the blasted tablecloth the very day after I put it up. Go figure.) Anyway, I went with it again this year since all children need to be reminded about laziness (although, I was tempted when I laid out all the letters to just put: "Don't be lazy." The irony is not lost on me...)

Of course, it's spring and I had to have at least one baseball board!

Believe it or not, even the older kids get excited when they see their name on stuff in my room. They act tough but they're really not. =)

It's always nice to have at least one board that's educational. BTW, last year I did this on an actual bulletin board and made the background look like notebook paper... easily one of my favorite boards ever. I think I blogged about that at the time so if you feel like digging through the archives be my guest. =)

These adorable bugs keep the caption from sounding too snarky, right? 

Aladdin quote, just for me.

You better believe Mrs. McNeese is visibly counting down the days til we're out of school!

Okay, so I saw this on Pinterest a few months ago and kind of stuck it in my back pocket... and then I found these neon sunglasses at Target for $1 and I just had to do it. And not everything I envision always ends up as cool as I thought, but I really love how this one turned out. 

I love these goobers!

So, my fingers have until August to recover from all this hard labor (not really, but seriously, try pushing several dozen straight pins into a cork board... it hurts!). Only a few weeks left until summer (41 days, according to my joyfully jumping frogs in the hallways.) Woohoo! 


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