It's Friday...

This has been a crazy week, for reeeal. Not necessarily busier than usual, just a lot of "stuff" going on, you know? Anyway, as the end of the year approaches I am desperate  definitely ready for each week to come to a close, bringing us nearer to summer. (By the way, the frogs say 35 days left... woohoo!) Oh, and the warmer temperatures we were experiencing VANISHED and it was back to winter from like Tuesday on, which was unacceptable. Not that the weather asked me.

Anyway, someday I'll start my high five for Friday without yammering about the week or the weather or something but not today. My apologies.

1. I got to spend some time with my cousin Matthew this week, which is always a joy. (For him anyway. It's not as fun for me since he delights in mocking me and worse, ganging up on me with Jonathan. But he does look up stupid memes with me so I forgive his mockery.)

2. Facetiming this goose is never boring... even though all I can really understand is "Ashy! Ashy! Brudder! Hi! Jonananan!" and everything else is kind of a blur but she is still the cutest little thing, well, ever. And I am completely unbiased.

3. Tuesday night we went out for my birthday with Blake and Brook to my favorite place, Panera. Food! Friends! Cookies! A wonderful celebration (although as I look at this picture I'm still waiting for the Instagram filter that removes the frizz from my hair.) 

4. Um, this album is out and is now mine as of first thing Tuesday morning. And, I love it. My favorites right now are Something Stupid, Close Your Eyes, and Come Dance with Me, but I haven't listened to it long enough for it to be a part of me yet, you know? So, as I really get acquainted with each song that may change, but all around it is a fantastic album. 

5. I got to hang out with these sweet girls (our pastor's two oldest) last night and we had a blast watching movies, eating at McDonald's, and running around Target (of course.) And seriously, I have never had so much fun listening to my Disney station on Pandora... it's awesome to be with people who can actually sing along to every song and who know the words as well as I do. Meet the only two girls in the world who can rival me in terms of Disney knowledge. =)

Those are some of my highlights from the week... what are yours? Happy Friday, peeps!


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