Hello, 24...

I've always been a person who gets extremely excited about my birthday every year. I look forward  to it, count down the days, pick out presents for weeks before, etc. However, this year I've not been nearly as giddy about turning another year older (while all of you older than me are simultaneously rolling your eyes, of course). I realize 24 is certainly not old, but I don't know, maybe I'm just growing nostalgic or sentimental or morose as I age. Anyway, I'm trying to shake off the melancholy cobwebs so, in honor of this year's April 21, I'm forcing more useless information on you sharing 24 things about myself. Enjoy.

1. When I was little, I wished and wished and wished for blonde hair. Who knows why... now I'm perfectly content to be a brunette. In fact, I've never dyed my hair... not even highlights.

2. My favorite Disney princess is Belle... because a) she has brown hair, like me and b) she loves books. Give me that library and and I'd marry a beast, too! =)

3. This is terribly embarrassing, but when I was really young (like 3... young enough to not know any better but old enough to still be humiliating) I wanted to be a boy and told everyone my name was Hoodoo, the name of one of the Boy Scouts in Follow Me, Boys! I know... cringe. 

4. Speaking of my childhood quirks, I was a major tree-climbing, baseball throwing tomboy. There are pictures that could prove this fact but I seem to have destroyed lost them all, tragically.

5. Every time I see any kind of show/musical/play, I become dissatisfied with my life and wish like crazy that I could perform on the stage in some way. Then I remember my incurable stage fright and that dream is once again laid to rest.

6. Up until this past year, I had absolutely zero interest in/aptitude for crafting of any kind, but now I kind of love it. My interest is definitely increased... hopefully the aptitude will catch up before too long. 

7. Thanks to a traumatic zoo experience when I was ten, I am deathly afraid of polar bears. They are not cuddly, Coke-drinking furballs- they are vicious killers, okay? Scary, scary, scary.

8. All I ever wanted to be growing up was a teacher, and now I am one. I am thankful for that every day (even the days when I'm ready to trade in my red pen for... just about anything. =)

9. Give me Kate Middleton's closet and I am pretty sure I would be perfectly happy for the rest of my life.

10. Okay, this is dumb, but I have this warm/fuzzy feeling and instant bond with anyone who calls me Ash. I don't know why, but I just love it (hence the name of my blog.) It is definitely my nickname of choice and if you call me Ash I'll probably love you forever.

11. The happiest thing that has ever happened to me was becoming an aunt. I am positively giddy over my two nieces and two nephews. 

12. In the last year, I've gotten in the habit of posting pictures of my outfits on Instagram, even though most people probably couldn't care less what I'm wearing. 

13. Buying an iPhone last summer was by far one of the best purchases I've made, ever. I hate to be one of "those" iPhone people, but I really do love it. Also, I'm not like a snob about it, just thrilled to not be dealing with phone issues constantly since every phone I had before this one was whatever free upgrade Verizon chose to give me every two years.

14. Some of my dream jobs (as in, I get paid to do this?) are writing (like, all the time), being a personal stylist (I lerve helping other people shop, for real... a fact that embarrasses my husband at times), or teaching specifically about writing in some format. Or, quoting movies for a living. I could definitely ace that job.

15. I'd love to totally geek out and go to the Psych panel at Comic-Con. Maybe someday...

16. For my 10th birthday, I got my ears pierced, but they got infected all the time (tmi? sorry) so I let them grow back. I didn't get them pierced again until I was 17 and I cried because it hurt.

17. My sisters are my best audience for telling a story, and making them laugh is a favorite pastime of mine. Actually, making people laugh is a favorite pastime of mine, period. 

18. Despite the fact that I was a tomboy, I am really not all that athletic. I enjoy sports but am not particularly gifted in any of them (unless spinning the basketball on my fingers counts.)

19. Anyone who knows my husband will tell you that I married UP, way up. The fact that this guy patiently puts up with all my shenanigans should tell you how awesome he is.

20. I still get super embarrassed when people tell me they read my blog, even though it's not a secret or anything. I probably need to come up with some kind of response other than "Oh, brother" or "Don't hold that against me" and a nervous laugh... maybe just a simple thank you will suffice? We may never know, since awkward is my middle name. (Not really... it's Michelle, silly!)

21. One of my greatest regrets is that I didn't seriously pursue my piano lessons through high school and college. I'd love to be able to just sit down and play, but alas... you reap what you sow, and I an reaping many lessons of distracting my sister and avoiding practice. 

22. If I could go on a shopping spree at any store, it would be Ann Taylor Loft. (Hint, hint, Anna.. give me your discount!)

23. I am the most boring person to go out to eat with because I have "Old Faithful" menu items at all of our regular restaurants, and if we go somewhere new I stick with something familiar. Pretty much any sense of adventure I possess does not extend to my taste buds. 

24. I could eat McDonald's french fries every day of my life. (Sorry, had to go out on a classy note.)

Now that your life is 24 times richer than it was at the beginning of this post, I will say goodbye and THANK YOU for coming back post after ridiculous post and reading my nonsense and even pretending to enjoy it. You guys are the best, for real. Now, if we're friends on Facebook you know that ABC Family gave me a beautiful present by playing five of my FAVORITE movies back to back today, so I will be occupied for quite some time enjoying them. =)  

I don't really look 24, right? Right.



  1. Happy Birthday! I didn't realize that we are the same age...my 24th is in June. I could have written your #1. I always wanted blonde, curly hair, which is the opposite of my hair.

  2. Happy Birthday! Just thought you should know that you share your birthday with my oldest brother, my grandpa, and my cousin. :) It's a busy day.

  3. Happy birthday Ash!! Hope you are having an enjoyable day. BTW, I agree with you on Kate Middleton's closet!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had the best weekend. My sisters always play a great audience for my stories as well :-) And Belle was always one of my favorite characters too!

  5. Hope you had a happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have an awesome day!! :)


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