Happy, Happy, Happy...

Let me be honest... I'm on spring break and my mind is, too. So, while I'm shopping, eating, and Instagram-ing everyone to death, I haven't had a whole lot of post inspiration rolling around but I did want to pop in and say that a few things I've already experienced this week have made me "happy, happy, happy." (Confession: I'm a closet Duck Dynasty fan.) 

1. I got to spend the day with Miles and Meghan, my ring bearer and flower girl who are now 8 and 10 (how???) and still my sweet little blonde "cousins." (Apparently I am too old to be their friend, and they already have an aunt, so a few years ago we settled on the cousin relationship.) I love these kids, for real. We had a blast watching Spy Kids 2 (I sat through the whole thing... true love, I tell you!), eating at Rudy's, bowling, and walking to the pond to feed the ducks.... a memorable cousin day, for sure.

I love these goobers.

How cute is he?

2. One of my real cousins, Matthew, is staying with us for a few days and we have had a jolly time shopping, watching TV, and making late-night runs to Krispy Kreme. He is achieving primary cousin status due to the fact that he has gone shopping with me twice now and hasn't strangled me due to my indecisive nature and my penchant for randomly moving to a different part of the store without saying anything. Now if I can just make a hard-core Psych fan out of him before the week is over it will be considered a smashing success. 

Krispy Kreme excursion! 

Shopping buddy... he's disturbed by my insane cheapness!

3. Today we went shopping at the outlet mall in Smithfield and my mom bought me theee cutest dress from Banana Republic for my birthday. (19 shopping days left, good people!) It's very Mad Men-ish and a great buy considering it's a spring/summer style but in a fabric that can definitely carry into fall and winter with a sweater and boots. I'm sure you were eager to hear all about that, so I indulged you. No problem.

4. I did NOT make a special trip to Target yesterday just to pilfer through the Easter candy and bring home more Cadbury mini eggs and eat half the bag in one sitting. Sounds like me, but it definitely wasn't me. 

5. Speaking of good deals (well, I guess no one was looking for good deals, but you know I can talk about them anytime), I also got a few really nice shirts for Jonathan today. Two were marked down to like $5 each, but the nicest one didn't have a tag on it so I took it up just to check. The girl working the register was either drunk or just really generous, because it rang up like $16 and she gave it to me for $3.98! Bam! I know have a new best friend at Gap, and I think she's looking for a new job. (hehe)

6. One of my annual traditions is watching the movie Easter Parade (with Fred Astaire and Judy Garland) and it happened to still be recorded on Mamaw's DVR from last year, so I watched it this morning. It's one of those super corny musicals but I love it anyway. Who can beat an Irving Berlin score? Nobody, that's who! And Peter Lawford is wonderful, as always. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, visit IMDB and educate yourself. These are the classics, folks.) 

7. Yesterday was Opening Day of baseball season! Woohoo! I got to watch the Braves first game with my dad, which I haven't been able to do in years, and they actually won! (Not to be Johnny Raincloud, but they just haven't come through consistently in a few seasons so I was holding my breath. Hopefully this will be a good sign of the season to come.) I definitely don't follow baseball faithfully like I used to but there is something about the start of the season that just makes me happy. 

8. I have been able to FaceTime these beautiful munchkins quite a bit over the past couple days, and that is always a joy. 

9. Mamaw made biscuits and chocolate gravy for breakfast this morning... enough said.

10. Last but not least, my best friend Brook (who is so very crafty and talented!) has started a blog for all of us less-talented crafters, like myself, and finally published her first post today! (I say finally because she's been a little hesitant to get started but "took the plunge" today and I'm so glad!) Hop on over to her blog and give her some love... it's going to be great! 

Spring break is only two days in and it's been glorious already! If you're off this week, I hope you're having a wonderful time. If you're not off, I apologize and I promise to keep any gloating to a minimum. =) 


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