Pinterest Challenge...

If I haven't mentioned it before, I really love Merrick's blog and Janssen's blog. These two lovelies, along with their sister Landen, have a "sister" series going on and I always love to see what topics they cover. This time, they chose a Pinterest challenge... and, to paraphrase the whole idea, we all love Pinterest but usually go pin-crazy without actually following through the things we pinned, whether it be a making a recipe, doing a craft, or recreating an outfit. 

So, these girls (who are clearly better at blogging ideas than I am) have invited me (well, not personally, because I'd be way excited about that) and others to join in the fun. I'll choose six pins and attempt to get around to using/implementing them. Thank goodness I have six weeks to do it. =)

The first of these just happens to be from Merrick's blog. I remember her writing about this back in the spring/summer and loving it... but never getting around to it. No more excuses... I love all things nautical and this shirt is perfect. I sincerely doubt my results will be as flawless, but we'll see.

2. Framed Initials (the link was spam and couldn't find the original source... sorry!)
I've had the frames from Ikea to do this for a while, but have put it off because, well, I'm lazy and would rather do a myriad of things (such as poke out my eyes) other than hang pictures on the wall. But I really like the idea and look of it (plus the bare spot over our tv is becoming an eyesore) so it made the list. (Don't worry... I won't be lying seductively in any photos displaying it. =)

3. Stripes and florals (1) (2) (3) (4
I clearly have an inner desire to wear stripes and floral together since it is allll over my style boards. These are a few of my favorite looks, and I am really itching to get my hands on a floral scarf. (Target has some great options, as usual.) I'm not sure if I've got the confidence to pull it off, but we shall see.

I came across this little gem a few weeks ago and even bought the stuff to make it but then I blinked and my yogurt had gone bad. (That and I am very hesitant to try new recipes on a weeknight when I'm already tired and hungry and unwilling to mess something up.) But I'm anxious to try this since I love chicken alfredo but not the usual load of calories. 

Of course I had to include a dessert. This recipe that Janssen shared recently had me at hello (if by hello you mean chocolate, which I do) and when she described it as her favorite, I was hooked. 

I really wanted to make these as Christmas presents but, alas, did not. But I really want to find the correct chalkboard paint (needle/haystack situation) and give them over the next few months. While I'm not one those people who feels the need to slap chalkboard paint all over everything, but I think these are adorable. I, for one, would use it on my desk at school. (So, if you get a gift from me soon, act surprised.)

That's it... let's hope I can really get around to all of these! I'd hate to think my husband is right and that all my hours on Pinterest are wasted. =)



  1. Oh my many good pinned ideas! I especially love the stripes a floral -- one of my favorite combos!

    And so glad you linked up!

  2. You had some awesome picks! I LOVE the idea of those chalkboard mugs. I am, like you, a bit tired of chalkboard EVERYTHING, but this is an instance where I think it's brilliant.

  3. looks like some great picks! the stripes and floral sound like a fun combo. i might have to try that too! i saw yum to alfredo too. can't wait to hear how it turns out.

  4. Cute picks! I really want to try that floral/stripe trend too. And I did the chalkboard mug thing sort-of successfully, but I'd love to try it again : )


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