I Know, You Know...

In case you aren't friends with me on Facebook, don't follow me on Twitter or Instagram, or just live under a rock, you may have missed the fact that Psych season 7 started Wednesday night. I started watching Psych last fall (thank you, Uncle Mike! I'm forever in your debt!), seasons 1-5 on Netflix, and finished just in time for season 6 to start. Aaaand it is my very favorite of favorite shows and I have been very eagerly anticipating the return after 10 month (!!! so long!!!) hiatus between seasons. Finally the day arrived... I woke up feeling like it was Christmas morning. 

TONIGHT!!! Finally...

Like good Psych fans, we had plenty of pineapple!

Delicious flavor...

Our version of quatros quesos dos fritos... cheese fries from Outback =)

Decked out in my Psych gear (courtesy of Rory =)

FaceTime with my favorite Psych-os before the big premiere!

I may or may not have blown up Twitter with quotes throughout the episode. Sorry not sorry.

Anyway, it was a fantastic episode, hilarious as always, and I don't know how they do it but the writers and cast continue to top themselves with each season. (Do I sound like a crazed fan yet? I am... I admit it. Don't tell me these people aren't real!) It's rare to find a show with both truly funny dialogue/jokes and excellent story lines, but these guys have both. I won't give anything away (*cough* Henry lives*) because some people whose priorities are severely out of order have not yet seen the episode. So, I will refrain.  You're welcome.

Icing on the cake... getting retweeted by Psych =)

Well, now you know that I am an incurable Psych-o. Let me know if you watch too... I will gladly quote it with you at any given moment. And if you're not watching... well, you're a rabid porcupine. Or this crevice in my arm. 

I've heard it both ways.


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