If One Is Good, Three is Better (WIWW)...

You know the saying, "'If you love something, buy it in every color"? Well, I have taken it to heart. A few months ago, I was at Belk with my mom and tried on theeee cutest polka dot shirt. It was one of those "I'm trying this on because I'm bored, since it's only 30% off" things, but I resolved to watch it until it was on clearance. 

Two months later, there it was- adorable as ever and 85% off. Boom. Done.

In fact, I loved it so much that I went back a few weeks later and bought the pink one.

Exhibits A and B.

And while I also adored the burgundy color, I decided that three of the exact same shirt might be a little overkill...

...which I convinced myself of otherwise this week.

"Too much? Think anyone'll notice?"

*Pursed lips... I'm turning into my mother!



Gift from little seester- NY & CO

Aaaand the sun peeked out for just a second. How thoughtful.

Top: Belk
Skirt: Belk
Pumps: Target

So, if you think Belk is an old lady store (and I certainly know some old ladies that shop there!) give it another chance. You may have to do a little sifting, but you may end up with a really pretty ($8!) top. Or three. =)

What about you? Do you buy multiples of something you really love?


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  1. I definitely would have bought all three since they were only $8!!! I always want to get multiples of clothing items, but my husband thinks it is completely silly. But then if you looked at his wardrobe there are definite multiples. Hmmm.

    You look beautiful and so classy!

  2. I think if its a flattering fit and its a timeless piece then I feel its okay to have the same thing. This top is a classic shape and you can dress it up or down, winner! :)

  3. I think the burgundy is great! And the 3 shirts are different enough in color that I don't think anyone will notice. Heck, when I found a basic v-neck tshirt I loved, I bought it in 4 colors. I think it's a pretty common practice.

  4. Oh my gosh-- $8??!! I am so jealous and also need to stop by Belk today! Such a cute professional outfit...who says 'professional' has to be boring? You look great!


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