Head to Toe (WIWW)...

After waxing eloquent last week about the pros and cons of my compulsive thriftiness, I have again found myself posting an outfit that includes a shirt that I just bought for a whopping $4. Clearance just calls my name, you know? And it occurred to me when downloading my pictures that everything I'm wearing is from Target... head to toe! (It also occurred to me that I desperately need a haircut because my split ends are out of control.)

Target (all of it!)
This shirt was soooo very cheap but the peplum actually hit at a non-unflattering spot (I hope?) and it is so very comfortable but not too loose and blousy. And I'm sounding pickier by the moment so I'll stop.

I found this necklace at Target a few years ago for I think $3? And it has continued to be the thing that I reach for when wearing navy. (or black... sometimes I cheat.)

Thanks, Target, for dressing me on Sunday. I'm sure my fellow church-goers appreciated that I was fully clothed. Hope all you wonderful people have a wonderful Wednesday! (I'm getting a haircut this afternoon, thank goodness!)


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  1. just stopping in from the link up and I love your blog! hope you can check mine out too! xo


  2. I love the print! I was in F21 the other day and was tempted to buy a peplum top but chickened out haha. Can't wait to see your new hair! :) Happy Valentine's day! :)

  3. Pretty top! I love the necklace with it!


  4. You look adorable - nothing wrong with wearing Target head to toe! I always wish their stuff fit me better but I think I'm just too tall :(


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