Cheapskate (WIWW)...

If you have heard me talk about clothes/shopping at all, you know that I'm insanely cheap. Part of this is by necessity (since the McNeeses aren't exactly rolling in the dough) but it's mostly by design... and by design I mean I'm convinced it's a genetic trait passed down to me from my mom. Basically, a good deal is 75% off... no questions asked. Anything higher, you wait for it to go on clearance. (Notice I said clearance, not sale. There's a difference.) Anyway, I've gotten a little better (or maybe it's worse) about paying a little more for something that I know I love and will wear quite a bit. For example, I paid full price (!!!) for my leopard print scarf from Target, a purchase I've justified over and over because a) it was only $14.99 anyway and b) I've worn the scarf countless times since. 

Soooo all that to say this... the other night I was perusing around TJ Maxx and picked up a little floral skirt in a style I've wanted for a while. It didn't have a price tag, which sent my imaginative little mind racing. "Hey! It might be really cheap!" I brought it up to the sales lady, who told me she'd have to find a similar style and let me know. A few minutes later she came and found me in the store and said, "This was as close as I could find... we'll just call it $5." 

Hello, new best friend at TJ Maxx. 

On its own, the skirt is slightly Little House-y, but with a complete outfit I really love it. (Okay, it's still slightly Little House-y. Whatevs.) But I love that I already had everything else to wear with it for now and that it will work in summer and it's got pretty fall colors for that season. Boom- all-weather skirt for $5. Ashley for the win.

And because it's apparently a little creepy that I look like the Headless Horseman...

Early-morning fake smile and frizzy hair, just for you.

Hooray for cheapness thriftiness! Have you had any super-cheap, awesome finds lately? Let me know! The only thing better than finding a great deal is telling someone else about it. (It's called bragging rights =)


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  1. Very cute outfit. I love the skirt. The buttons are adorable down the front. I think you look like a librarian. I picture you curled up reading a very good book on a very comfy settee. :)

  2. Whaat, you're hair isn't frizzy Ash. Great deal on the skirt! Two thumbs up for thriftiness! It's hard paying full price for clothing/accessory item, which I tend to only buy when the item goes on sale. Only exception is if I really, really love it & can be worn alot or I can foresee it being popular and saling out quickly. I've been trying to be more picky with my purchases and trying not to make an impulse buy. (Like last night at Target haha ;))

  3. I LOVE your outfit!

    Here are my outfits this week:

  4. Um, wow! I LOVE when that happens! I feel like that happens at Old Navy a lot - an item will marked down and when I get to the cash register somehow it is even cheaper? I never ask questions - I just buy it :)

    I love the skirt - it will go great with so many things!

  5. I think as long as you buy somthing because you like it, not just because it's cheap, it's great to be thrifty! I also rarely buy anything full price, I just can't make myself do it!


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