A Few of My Favorite Blogs...

Later this week, I'll be celebrating my first blog-iversary... a very lame-sounding term that means it's been one year since my first post. (Crazy, right?) Anyway, I started reading a few blogs before I started mine but since I started blogging I've been exposed to lots and lots of blogs, some of which are really awesome.

I'm not the kind of person that subscribes to every little blog I find. Some people may have dozens or hundreds of blogs in their feed, but I just don't... mainly because I don't want to feel overwhelmed but also because if I want to see what someone is posting every day/week, I want to be genuinely interested. When you read someone's blog a lot, you start to feel like you know that person. You consider them a friend (even if they don't know you from Adam) and you grow familiar with their content, their personalities, and even their families. 

Strange, the ways of the blogging world. 

So, I'm pretty picky about which blogs I actually follow. Anyway, these are a few of my favorites- and why. 

1. The Small Things Blog- I know, everyone who has ever logged in to Pinterest has seen Kate's hair tutorials... but they're really good! I started using her curling iron tutorial last year and it pretty much changed my life. (Just kidding... but seriously.) She's got great hair tips (obviously) as well as cute outfit ideas and some really pretty DIY's. My only complaint? She's a Duke fan... which I'm willing to overlook since she has so many other redeeming qualities. =)

2. Merrick's Art- Merrick is a genius with a sewing machine... you would not believe some of the beautiful things she makes HERSELF! She has the cutest style and has done several "one pieces five ways" features which I always love. She also regularly posts about her adorable boys and their adventures in sunny California. (Did I mention she's also an artist? The girl is talented, for real.) 

3. Definitely RA- I found RA's blog through another friend and I love it, mostly because she is just such a good writer. While her posts range from nerdy (creating pie charts to document her reactions to sequels of favorite books) to personal (recently, a struggle with some changes in her schedule) she is really just a cool person (interested in lots of things, you know?) and so well-spoken. A self-proclaimed "word nerd," she inpires my writing every time I read a post. Oh, and she always has great pictures, too. 

4. Camp Patton- Oh, my. Where do I begin? I came across Grace's blog through Merrick's back in the summer and promptly read through the archives because I am a stalker and because she is soooo insanely funny. Her posts chronicle life with her three (!!!) very small children and her equally funny husband Simon, with an occasional (always cute) outfit or recipe thrown in for good measure. Grace is one of the most hilarious people I know and also a friend (well, she follows me on Twitter. That counts?) I frequently forward her posts to my sisters.

5. Everyday Reading- Janssen is Merrick's sister and I have loved her blog from day one. She is probably the biggest bookworm I know (not surprising, since she's a former librarian) and many of her posts feature reviews of a recent read. She is also good for a great recipe and pictures of her darling little girls, Ella and Ani. Oh, and some really cute craft ideas and pretty outfits... you know, the whole package. Oh, and she is funny... and a little sarcastic, like me. =)

6. From My Grey Desk- Lauren, Kate's sister, blogs here at FMGD and is always posting cute outifts, info about beauty products, and an occasional shopping guide, along with some yummy recipes and the occasional though-provoking post. =) I have Lauren to thank for introducing me to many new bloggers as well as allowing me to experience my first link-up with her High Five for Friday posts.

7. The Pleated Poppy- Lindsey is the owner of the Pleated Poppy, an online shop of handmade items and the lady behind the blog of the same name. She is a seriously talented crafter who makes beautiful items for her shop, as well as posting super cool DIY's and ideas for decorating featuring her own home. Oh, and her three kids are just adorable. Also, thanks to Lindsey, I get to be a pretend fashion blogger once a week by linking up to her "What I Wore Wednesday" posts. 

8. Putting Me Together- Audrey is so cute and has such a heart for the Lord... you can tell! You can also tell that she has awesome style because of her always-cute outfits and endless remixes. Her Building a Remixable Wardrobe series and Building a Wardrobe from Scratch series are both worth checking out! She features lots of great tips on how to take an outfit from good to great. Plus, she loves chocolate ice cream, which means we were meant to be friends. 
Check out these blogs for some great inspiration... and a good laugh, if you need it. =) Or go to my Pinterest board for these and other great blogs. Happy reading!


P.S. These ladies don't know I'm posting about them... I just think they're great and thought you might want to see what they're about. =)


  1. This is so so nice! Thank you so much for all your kind words - I'm totally flattered to be in such excellent company.

  2. You are so sweet to include me here! And thanks for the mention about my writing; that warms my little nerdy heart. :)

  3. what a great list you have! I read many of those same blogs & adore them all too.

  4. I thought you might be interested to know that you inspired today's outfit: http://lookfeelbebest.blogspot.com/2013/02/still-bundled-up-for-winter.html


  5. Great list of blogs!



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