PJ's in Disguise...

Some days, I really enjoy getting "dressed up" for school... something "authoritative" like a blazer, a statement necklace, maybe even some heels if I'm feeling stupid frisky. But more often than not some days, I really just feel like staying in my sweatpants and hoodie and not dressing up in the least. Now, thanks to my inner Stacy, that's not going to happen. However, I'm certainly in favor of anything that gives me the feeling of pajamas or "loungewear" (some stores' fancy term for them) while being appropriate and- dare I say- professional enough for the classroom.

Enter this sweatshirt. I found it at Ross this summer for a whopping $3.99 and knew it had to be mine. I have a few sweatershirts like this and they are awesome for those days that getting ready is just a chore (many, am I lazy or what?) and I want to be cozy but not sloppy. 

Sweatshirt: Ross
Button-down: Loft
Skirt: Target
Flats: Target

I actually didn't wear the oxford that day but about thirty minutes after I got to school it occurred to me that I should have layered it underneath. I did correct this oversight for church that night. Since the sweatshirt is on the short side (not really cropped, but definitely shorter than what I normally wear) it worked better with a layer (I just wore a long tanktop under it for school but I prefer this look.)

The obligatory looking-down, artsy pose. Not really pulling it off...

So, a sweatshirt? Totally acceptable with a sprinkling of sequins, a nice button-down, pencil skirt, and some shiny flats. It still felt good but I didn't look as if I had just rolled out of bed. (Well, not my outfit, anyway. I have no excuses for the incoherent sentences I form before 8 A.M. or coffee, whichever comes first.)


P.S. Linking up with LindseyLauren, and Alison! AND in case you missed it, check out my farewell to our beloved What Not to Wear!


  1. Yes! An adorable outfit that is just as cozy as it is cute gets 2 thumbs up from me. How do I not have a sequined sweatshirt yet??? It's time!

    And I need to check out your farewell to WNTW post!

  2. Great outfit! Especially since its so cozy and the price was great! Stopping by from link up
    Katherine @ Jag Style Blog

  3. I love shopping Ross for their bargains and you definitely found one with that sweatshirt - brava! Hopped over from WIWW.

  4. I love that sweater and I REALLY love your shoes!

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  6. ...aaaaaaaaaaaaaand another home run by Ash!...


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