So, my friend Ragan has done some posts she calls "awkward/awesome" but rather than straight-up copy her (and because I feel like I have plenty of awful to share =) I thought I'd do a similar post of my own. Also, this seems like an efficient way to talk about several life happenings all in one place, and I am nothing if not efficient. (Hardly true.)


...spilling nail polish remover on my dresser and staining it with several hideous little spots that taunt me cruelly every time I walk by. 

...confrontation, in any form. I haaaate it. Especially when it keeps me awake at night. 

...the pipe leak that has been sneakily draining our water and causing our bill to go WAY up. At least we found the source, but seriously. I cut back on using my dishwasher for a whole month for nothing? I wish dishes by HAND when I didn't have to? Lame. (I know, first world problems.)

...trying to cut out soda (bad) and exercise (ugly). Not working out for me this week. Maybe next week? We shall see.

...What Not to Wear is ending... FOREVER... this Friday night. I am already in mourning for one of my favorite shows. Stacy and Clinton's work is not done! (Don't worry, I'm sure I'll dedicate a whole post to this post-finale.) out-of-control split ends. (Hey, I never said the awful stuff was earth-shattering. I guess some of it could be classified as simply "annoying" and not "awful" but, then again, have you seen my hair lately?) 


...this little pumpkin. Well, he's not so little, is he? How adorable is that fat face?

...this amazing apple pie and ice cream creation. One of the perks of having family in town is having an aunt who can whip up heavenly desserts like this and then generously share. =)

...Chicken on a Stick at the Mumfest this weekend. Yummo.

...a Rudy's hot dog. These never, ever get old (and should I be concerned that half this list is about food?)

...a beautiful baby! My friend Lauren had her sweet boy Carter last week and I finally got to meet him today! What a doll (and did nothing for my baby fever, let me tell ya.)

...Boy Meets World reunion? I couldn't love this picture more (unless maybe Alan had not decided to go this very unfortunate direction with his hairstyle.) Other than that, love, love, love it (as you know.) nights with this guy. Pretty much my favorite. (And I am typically not a fan of referring to one's husband/boyfriend as "this guy" but I figure you all know his name, so...)

That's all, folks. I guess nothing is really too awful and at least the awesome list was longer, right? I do so love to look on the bright side of things. 


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  1. All of those food "awesomes" look pretty awesome right now! It might be because it is almost 5 and dinner is on my mind right now... Ha!


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