A Day in the Life...

One of the struggles of blogging (or any form of writing) is the accompanying worry that "no one cares about this!" as I write it. Some topics lend themselves more to that than others (hello, outfit/shopping posts) but my typical response to this question (who cares?) is to ask myself if I would enjoy reading it. If the answer is yes, then I proceed. (There's a point to all this that I'm getting to... patience, Iago. Patience.)

So, everyone knows that Janssen is one of my favorite bloggers and she has written/talked about posts called "A Day in the Life." Not to insult your intelligence, but it's basically what it sounds like- you document most of the moments of your day and then blog about it. So.... if you don't care, feel free to click away to bigger and better things, since there's nothing glamorous about this day OR my life. But, if you're a little curious, press onward.

6:15- alarm goes off. HA! Hit the snooze.

6:45- alarm goes off. Accidentally turn it off and fall back asleep.

7:08- YIKES! Run around, White Rabbit style, and get ready very quickly. (Also, skip breakfast.)

7:45- arrive at school. Put armloads of stuff in my classroom and head over for a (very necessary) cup of coffee.

7:50- feel grateful that someone left lemon pound cake in the kitchen. Breakfast is served.

7:52- drink coffee and hobknob with my fellow teachers.

8:05- head over to homeroom. Stop to grab computer from car.

8:15- homeroom begins after all my chairs are returned from an event Saturday night. Only time for prayer requests and prayer today.

8:30- 9th grade English. A literature quiz, new grammar lesson, new spelling list, and general feeling of frivolity that could only stem from the fact that I was in rare form. Must have been the coffee.

9:25- 6th grade English. Nine-weeks test Wednesday so major review including a quiz.

10:20- BREAK TIME. I head over for more coffee, a chat in the office, and start to work on making a study guide only to have my computer die. Play Candy Crush while lamenting my lack of productivity.

11:15- 8th Grade English. New spelling list, literature review, and a grammar quiz. Forgot to make some copies. Oops.

12:05- LUNCH. Walk to cafeteria. Jonathan is free before lunch so he's supposed to heat up our leftovers (but he didn't.) Sit and eat garlic bread and wait for my food to be delivered (because I'm a queen. Not.) Discuss the important issues of life with other teachers.

12:35- Send boys who are playing (NOT cleaning the cafeteria) back to class. Follow them for quality control purposes.

12:40- 10th grade English. Review and give literature quiz. Introduce new spelling list. Teach grammar lesson. Stress the importance of knowing helping verbs (which cannot be emphasized enough, in my opinion.)

1:30- study hall. Call sixth graders up individually to discuss quiz grades. Offered (somewhat stern) encouragement when needed. Kept everyone relatively quiet. Played Christmas music to stimulate learning (and because I wanted to.)

2:15- Planning hour. In this case, grading poetry quizzes, checking grades as the quarter ends this week, and organizing a December field trip (in October.... it's just one of those.)

3:15- Car duty. Make sure the children are picked up safely and in the right vehicles. Distribute cell phones. Mini student-teacher conference. Head back inside to work on more field trip stuff.

3:30- cousin arrives with Dr. Pepper. He is crowned King of the Cousins. Also, I was going to go home early but Jonathan had a meeting. Field trip planning it is.

3:35- talk to principal about field trip arrangements. Send (yet another) email to the nice people at the theatre where we will be seeing A Christmas Carol. (Yay!)

3:40- grade more stuff. Wait for Candy Crush lives to renew. "More grading. More doing. That's the power of my English classroom."

4:00- start this post. Wait for Jonathan to finish. Read (and retweet) this post from Jon Acuff.

4:30- round up my multitude of stuff and head home.

5:00- straighten up the living room, fix dinner. Eat it while reading my newest issue of InStyle. Watch last week's Duck Dynasty. Laugh my head off (I was a late bloomer when it comes to the bearded Robertsons but now I'm a fan despite my best intentions.)

6:00- clean a little more. Start to vacuum. Don't.

6:15- call with one sister gets interrupted with a call from a cousin. Talk for a while and he is so sweet as always and interested in my writing (as so many are. Ha.) Clean a little more while on the phone, including a half-hearted wipe-down of my ever-smudged glass coffee table.

6:52- leave for drama practice.

7:00- wait on cast to arrive. Play the piano in the meantime.

7:08- hear cast approaching. Scurry away from the piano.

7:10- drama practice for the Christmas play I'm directing at church. A rollicking good time, as always. Also, I grow increasingly more stressed about it as each day passes and the day approaches. Fortunately I am working with some super-talented peeps.

8:00- get home. Plop down and mournfully watch the second to last episode of What Not to Wear. I will certainly be dedicating an entire post to the series finale soon.

8:30- cookie break.

8:58- time for the very very last episode. Jonathan asked, "Are you ready for this, honey?" And I emphatically say, "NO!"

9:42- still watching WNTW. I forgot it's two hours long. I'll probably regret this in the morning. Sooo tired.

9:45- trying to use my time wisely, so taking the old polish off my toenails. Also, wanting to kill this nasty final contributor. It bothers me when they pick someone who doesn't even deserve $5,000. Ah, well.

9:55- checking blogs during commercials.

10:11- still watching. SO sad watching them cry during the goodbye party. Also, the commercials on TLC are tripping me out. Alaskan Women Looking for Love? This should not be.

10:24- finally over. Sheesh. And the dream ending was funny, I admit. I'm thinking I should have divided the episode in half.

10:30- shower and time to pick out tomorrow's outfit (otherwise I can't sleep.)

11:00- Bed time. Over and out.

My wild-eyed delirious look indicates it's past my bedtime.

And now you know. Are you SO envious? (Nope, just super bored, I know.)


Maybe I can start tomorrow's "Day in the Life" with "7:00- delight in overwhelming response to this fascinating insight into my terribly exciting life." I'll anticipate the comments that start pouring in. =)


  1. Oh my word...my mornings are like this EVERY day...alarm 6:15...hit snooze 4 times (40 min.) Then get up at 6:50...Mind you staff meeting is at 7:20 a.m. EVERY morning...then I get ready lightning fast, and I am 3 minutes late every day. Epic failure.

  2. amen sista. Girl i feel this all the time, "why the heck do I even blog, anyways!" This is a great idea. Maybe I should try it sometime soon. And remember that even if you think no one wants to read, you are most likely dead wrong! We never know whose life we can touch by our random ramblings. So keep up the good work :)

  3. Weird that I'm a total sucker for these day in the life posts? Yes, weird. Loved it, though!


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