It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown...

I know it's cliche but I really do love fall. The warm colors and crunching leaves and seasonal food (and the anticipation of Christmas around the corner!) all combine to make me one happy Ash. 

Behold, some of my favorite fall (and various other) moments from this week:

On Saturday, I ran out for a little waste hours at Target "me" time and somehow a caramel apple spice just fell into my possession. It was my first one of the season and no homemade concoction can replace this for me. Sooo yummy. (Excuse my chipped nail polish. Regular manicures are clearly not my forte.)

Moving on two awesome fall treat #2- caramel apples! I just bought the lazy easy kit that just wraps the caramel around the apple and they were heavenly. Like, I attacked mine like a ravenous caveman, juice on the chin and sticky hands and all.

This has little to do with fall, but I cannot get over this picture of this fat man! I made this picture the background on my phone and I just want to squeeze his face through the screen. I love my Landon!

Have you ever had Cookout? If you don't live in North Carolina, then probably not, but it's a sweet little burger joint that happens to have the best milkshakes ever. Aaaand we finally got one in New Bern this week! (We may have gone a time or four since then.)

Remember my post about What Not to Wear? (Of course you do; it was like three days ago.) Anyway, I greedily seeking celebrity interaction shared it on Twitter and yeah, no biggie... STACY LONDON READ IT and shared it and replied so graciously. And I may or may not have totally fuh-lipped out and sent the screen shot to everyone I know and shared it on various social media platforms because I am nothing if not a giddy fan. 

Congratulations: you get a free look at the world's cutest Tinkerbell, Supergirl, and pirate. Don't be jealous they're not your nieces and nephews (that fat guy up there is a nephew too, of course.)

Because I really love dressing up for meaningless holidays: meet the Halloween outfit. (A word on pattern mixing: a boy at the store tonight looked at me like I was wearing an actual costume. Clearly the concept of stripes and polka dots has not trickled down to the masses.)

I've never been a big fan of Halloween, honestly. I like the candy and some costumes but I'm not so big on the "everyone dress slutty and it's under the blood tonight" theme that has become prevalent. However, I do enjoy any excuse to throw a party at school celebrating festive events with my students so I ventured into the very dangerous costume section of Walmart in search of my mask (who knew a simple black mask would be SO hard to find?) and stayed up faaar too late making pumpkin sugar cookies (which one sweet ignorant student thought were made from scratch. Bahaha) and brought candy and apple juice and every class was exposed to the classic It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, because I have nothing but the highest academic integrity at all times. 

What's your favorite part of fall? Halloween? Candy? A caramel binge? ("Hot and cold?" I just rewatched my favorite episode of Psych- In Plain Fright, which was appropriate for the holiday and it's always going to be #1 in my heart because it was the first episode I ever watched.) And now excuse me to finish off my bag of Nerds and Sweettarts. I do love a good sugar rush.



  1. It's only cliche because you can't help but LOVE fall!! I don't think I've ever met someone that doesn't like fall!
    But I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of dressing up! I'm so NOT creative and the thought just stresses me out. Other than that, I do like Halloween :)

  2. awe love all the costume fun!! Falls just the plane ol' best:) fun pics!

  3. I'm not a fan of Halloween either, but I love fall! It's just SO beautiful!

    Those caramel apples look awesome... I didn't even know you could make them "the lazy way" - I might have to give it a shot!

  4. Well hello fellow NC blogger!! Oh I love all things Fall...and Christmas! Ha

  5. Haha! Well…I think your pattern mixing is fantastic. You always look super cute.

    And WOWWWWW about Stacy London. That is so, so cool!!


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