A Simpler Time...

As I am up to my near-sighted little eyeballs in tests to grade, papers to correct, Christmas play practices to coordinate, "my wife to murder, and Gilder to frame for it," (HA! Name that movie) I just thought I'd take a break in the action to share a picture that represents a much simpler time in my life. This is me almost exactly six years ago... freshman in college, Saturday with absolutely nothing pressing to accomplish, and a beautiful fall day that, apparently, needed to be spent jumping in a pile of leaves (all while wearing an outfit that I wouldn't be caught dead in now. Ah, the follies of youth.) 

Even though my life right now is far from carefree (and I know all you moms are poised and ready with rotten tomatoes to virtually throw at me), it's nice to be reminded of a day that I was young, not stressed, thin(ner)... and, judging from this picture, quite happy with life. Thinking back to that day, I would imagine that my main priorities were making sure my cruddy flip phone would stay charged long enough to call Jonathan and that I would have enough money after doing laundry to buy Mountain Dew for a couple more days. You know, big stuff.

SO... I will get back into the swing of things (whatever that looks like) soon- promise. But in the meantime, it's nice to know that my naive 18-year-old self was having a wonderful October. =)

Here's to simpler times... happy Monday!


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