What I Wore Wednesday...

Hi there, friends! I hope the first half of your week has gone well. Mine's been okay... I'm just tired (my own fault) after an impromptu 3-hour classroom makeover last night. Oh, well. At least *most* of my snowflake stuff is gone and I will be able to enjoy my Valentine's stuff for a reasonable amount of time. 

Speaking of leaving snowflakes behind, this week has totally put me in the mood for spring. I know some of you have been in that mood since like November, but I usually like to hold on to the cold for a little while. Basically this year, I was done with it after Christmas. The cold/endless bundling up has lost its charm and I am ready, not necessarily for the gross humidity, but just ready to be able to go out without a parka. (I exaggerate... it's never that cold in NC. (And whyyyy do I always end up talking about the weather? I guess because it determines what I wear.)

And what I wear is the point of this post, so I'll actually get to that now.

Skirt- Belk
Sweater/Cowl- Old Navy

I captioned this on Instagram as "Little Ash on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls McNeese." It was sooo cold that morning that I knew I wanted to be as cozy as possible. Mission accomplished, looking slightly 19th century in the process.

Skirt- Target
Long-sleeve Tee- Target
Sweater- Old Navy
Boots- Rampage
New Specs- c/o Firmoo

Date Night:
Top- Loft
Cardigan- Old Navy 
Necklace- Target
(Too much polka dots? I liked it, but what do I know?)

Shopping (btw I got some insane deals at Loft that day. So great.):
Top- Belk (my new favorite favorite favorite. I love it so much.)
Hat- Loft (Jonathan did not vote for me to purchase it. ha.)

Cardigan and top- Target
(I apologize for the wretched photo quality. This was a "just got home very late and realized I didn't document this outfit" photo. Oops.)

Skirt and Sweater- Old Navy
Flats- Target

Skirt- Belk
Button-down- Ann Taylor
Cardigan- Loft
Heels- Target

There you have it. As always, thanks for stopping over, leaving your oh-so-sweet comments, and brightening my Wednesdays. =) Have a wonderful day, ladies!


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  1. i love everything about your top outfit. long skirt, sweater, and scarf? yes please!

    visiting from wiww.

    delirious rhapsody

  2. Dots on dots are a win in my book! I am digging that cobalt skirt, so cheerful & pretty for the dead of winter. :)

  3. Love the polka dot look! Cute outfits!

  4. girl, I love that double polka dot outfit. It's seriously adorable.

    also, did you not get that hat? because it looks SO GOOD on you. I can't wear hats to save my life so I'm always jealous when they look good on others. GO AND GET IT.


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