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Just thought I'd try being one of those people who start each blog post with a random picture of myself, regardless of the topic. First and last time, promise.

I am not really a "let me write that in my planner" kind of person, until the actual week of an event is upon me and then I'll write in things for a few days in advance. So, because every one of you sweet and captivated people care immensely about my schedule, I am going to unload share with you a few of the events of this week that I'm looking forward to crossing off my list enjoying to the fullest. =)

Monday- basketball game (away). I somehow (and by somehow I mean I'm married to the coach and have nearly a decade of experience) got enlisted as the statistician of our school's fledgling basketball team and am therefore required to attend all the games. Even the ones that are away.... and I get to ride in the van. With the team. Made up of 11-14 year old boys. Glorious fun, as you can imagine. 

Tuesday- tutoring. I enjoy tutoring because I feel like I'm a little (dare I say it?) kinder when I'm dealing with kids one on one. (Go ahead... doubt my word.) Anyway, I get to talk about grammar for 45 minutes, so nothing to complain about there. 

Wednesday- Awanas, aka have a jolly good time with Mrs. Jo, the future version of myself, if I'm lucky. Seriously, the funniest lady ever. I love her. Oh, and we do feed the kids too... that's our very important job.

Thursday- God willing, come home right after school, clean, and cook something yummy. Watch What not to Wear. Finish unfinished lesson plans. Like I said, the goal is to not have to go anywhere.

Friday- another away game. Joy. Rapture. More bonding time with adolescents. Go Mustangs. 

Saturday- dinner with cousins, barring illness or any other unforeseen delays. It's about time, since we've lived in the same town for seven months! I am a terrible person.

So, I'm hoping that all of these things actually get accomplished and go well, since I'll actually be squeezing in (hopefully) a trip to the doctor to take Gimpy back for a checkup since his bum knee is only getting bummier, continuing my endless search for a miraculous zero-point cheeseburger, and uploading dozens of obnoxiously proud pictures of my brand new nephew who is supposed to be making his appearance tonight!!! Woohoo!

And in the spirit of full disclosure, I'll be pining away for this view all the while. (We were in Myrtle Beach this weekend, fyi. And I could totally live with being this close to the ocean all the time. Until hurricane season, at which time I would high-tail it to the nearest dry land.)

I'll probably look back on this list and laugh, considering how things rarely go as planned here at the McNeese homestead. Oh well, at least writing it down makes me feel organized. That's what counts, right?


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  1. I am feeling very jealous of this Myrtle Beach trip. It's one of my favorite places to be.

    I like the "random" picture at the top!! :-)

    And I'm ALWAYS a write it in your planner kinda gal. I would forget everything if I didn't.

    Sounds like you have a busy week... enjoy!!


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