New Nephew....

You may remember that back in September I wrote about my seester April expecting a baby boy. Well, the little angel arrived just after midnight on Monday, January 28- my brand new, beautiful, BIG nephew, Landon Robert Joines. (Sorry, I'm a slave to alliteration.)

I had FaceTimed April that afternoon, enjoying pleasant conversation until a contraction hit (her, not me) and I watched the excruciating pain she was enduring for about 2.4 seconds before I declined sharing any more magical moments of the labor/delivery process. Call me a baby/chicken/wimp. Yes/yes/yes. 

Anyway, I heard snippets of progress throughout the day (the sister who lives far away is the last to find out anything, of course) and by the time I went to bed there was still no baby. I made my mom promise to call and wake me up and drifted off to sleep. At about 12:40 (already a half hour old! No one thought to call me for 30 MINUTES! Sorry, not bitter not to be there or anything) and the call came. He's here! After a groggy "hooray" and being vaguely aware of his (hefty) weight (9.12!) and length, I went back to sleep. Of course, then the dinging of pictures began for the next hour, but who could mind? This boy is beautiful. Hello!

Oh, and I have exceeding, abundant admiration for April being such a trooper through this whole process, with nary a complaint about the pain (okay, not really, but I wasn't there, so I'm guessing she was calm as a cucumber?) She did great! 

Finally I was awake and aware the next morning and Monday afternoon was able to FaceTime Landon for the first time. Clearly, he was overjoyed to meet Auntie Ashley, knowing that his very own blog post would be featured soon. (Smart kid.)

Those eyes! That hair!

Cheeks! Lips!

Seriously... I can't handle all this cuteness.

Leslie was a little less than impressed with this wrinkly new family member.

He's talking to me! Can't you tell?!

One more just because you want an extra, dontcha?

I can HARDLY wait to meet this little guy in person in a few weeks and kiss those fat cheeks! Oh, and if you live in Georgia, just be prepared NOT to hold this baby for the three days I'm home. I will not be sharing, k? 

Welcome to the world, Landon! Auntie Ashley (your favorite) loves you!


P.S. I did not include any pictures of Landon's beautiful mommy because, well, she would kill me. Perhaps in a few days. =) She and Daddy (Jake) and sister (Leslie) are all doing and looking great, though!


  1. A lot of congratulations to you and well wishes for the new born.
    He is really cute indeed. new reader and would love read more from you.

    Followed you on GFC ! Hope you can come visit our blog and follow if you like.

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  2. Congratulations! He is so so sweet. My new baby niece was born Jan 12th and I can't get enough of her :)

    I am excited to follow your blog!

  3. Yayyyy!!! Congratulations!!! Look at those gorgeous squishable cheeks. Muahh!!

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