Hawaiian Chicken...

So, since I am in the midst of die-ting, I am constantly trying to strike a balance between delicious over-indulgence and stomach-growling starvation. And while not all of my favorite foods are off-limits, many are (at least in more than a teaspoon-sized serving), so coming up with meals that fill me up and don't involve a zillion steps is a bit of a challenge. 

Tonight, for example, I had a later afternoon at school, ran a couple of errands, picked up Jonathan, and went straight to the grocery store. By the time our first stop (Harris Teeter) was over, we were both staaarving (I know, poor us) and really reluctant to eat out, since a) it costs money and b) finding something I can eat at a fast food place that is palatable and not a million points is next to impossible. So, we forged ahead and finished our shopping, came home, and I started cooking. 

I tried this recipe this summer and we really liked it. I made a few adjustments tonight and the results were, may I just say, DEEElicious. Really... they were so good, and other than the fact that I'm a spaz in the kitchen they didn't really take that long. Since I could only cook one piece of chicken at a time, it took about 30 minutes total... still not bad. 

Hawaiian Chicken (adapted from homemade by holman

-2 chicken breasts 
- sliced pepper jack cheese
- pineapple rings
- 1-2 tbsp mayonnaise 
- desired seasonings (I used garlic salt, paprika, seasoned salt, and a Cajun seasoning blend... obviously anything goes =)
- teriyaki sauce
- butter/vegetable oil/olive oil

All you do is heat a couple of tablespoons of oil (or melt a little butter) and a little teriyaki sauce and season up your chicken, then grill it for a few minutes on both sides. When it's done (or at the same time, if there's room in your pan) throw the pineapple rings in too, just enough to heat them and get a little charred on both sides. In a small bowl, mix a little mayo with some of the spices (I just gave each of them a couple of shakes and then stirred it all up.) When the chicken is finished, spread some mayonnaise (as much as you like... I used a tiny bit) over it, then top with a slice of pepper jack cheese and the pineapple. Let it sit for about a minute so everything melts together, then serve it up!

You could easily use smaller pieces of chicken and serve this on buns (like I did last time) but it was amazing on its own, and the steamed broccoli was perfect on the side. I am normally not a "fruit and meat" person, but I'm pretty sure I could eat pineapple on anything. It made the chicken so juicy and the sweetness of it is the perfect complement to the spicy cheese.

Anyway, I digress. Just try it yourself... I promise you'll like it. If you don't, just pretend you did if you see me? But I really think you will. (Did I mention it's only 8 points? Less than most tasteless WW meals?) Yay!

Happy eating, and... aloha! =)


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  1. Wow, I just ate dinner but seeing that dish makes me hungry all over again! I'm a sucker for anything with pineapple!


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