It's Friday, Friday...

Okay, after a super busy week, is there anything better than reaching Friday? It's like the entire population breathes a huge sigh of relief. Since our nine-week grading period ends today, I have been busy giving out makeup tests and quizzes, tutoring, and just being swamped by grading in general. At least I am compulsive about getting my stuff graded immediately... it has saved me a lot of headache in the long run.

All right... shutting up about teacher stuff you couldn't care less about. On to some my favorite moments of this week. (Linking up with Miss Lauren, of course.)

1. My Uncle David was in town this past weekend, and I got to spend a few days with him. He is so fun and crazy and of course he forced me to take a "field trip" to Krispy Kreme and eat the world's best donuts. Since I grew up next door to his house, we are close than most nieces/uncles (because I'm his favorite, of course) and even though I loved spending time with as a kid, our conversations now that I'm grown up are even more awesome. (Even though he looked at me more than once and said, "Aren't you still fifteen?") Anyway, we ate donuts, stayed up watching Iron Chef, watched football, and generally had a jolly time, as we usually do. =)

2. I stopped by FCA on Monday during lunchtime to see my kiddos I taught last year and snapped a picture with Meghan and Karsen. I miss these kids so much! (And every one of them is growing up way too fast!)

3. I adore this child and her many faces. That is all.

4. I made Hawaiian chicken the other night and it was, simply put, delicious. And pretty low on the points, which is always a plus these days.

5. My new specs arrived from Firmoo... more coming up about that soon! I really like 'em!

It's been a great week and about to get even better... we're leaving this afternoon for Myrtle Beach! Not that it's that enchanting in January (it's been freezing here all week) but we're headed to a marriage retreat with our church. And shopping, naturally. I haven't lost my mind or anything.

Happy Friday, friends! 



  1. i love your frames! :)

    visiting from h54f. have a great weekend!

  2. Cute blog! Visiting from H54F! Happy Friday! Xo Come by and follow


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