Little Things...

Just a little picture montage of things that have made me happy lately...

After looking longingly at the Caramel Apple Cider at Starbucks the other day (but refusing to give in to my rule that I will only go there if I have a gift card... which I break only for the Peppermint Mocha Frappucino), Jonathan and I bought a few ingredients and he made me some at home using this recipe. And it was sooo yummy.

One of the great tragedies of my life (other than no Krispy Kreme) is that there is not a Sam's Club anywhere near us. (The closest one is about 40 minutes away.) I didn't realize how much we relied on their extremely cheap but almost always delicious little cafe until we moved here. Both of us could eat for under $5 (less if we shared!). Yes, I know... I am supremely cheap. Anyway, I was in Goldsboro a few days ago and treated myself to a pretzel and large Coke. The amount of excitement I felt was slightly ridiculous... but that was a goood pretzel.

These are two pictures of my class in action- on Tuesday, I started using a method called "whole brain teaching." If you teach and you aren't using it, you HAVE to at least try it. For the first time, my entire class was completely engaged, having fun, and learning... all at the same time! I'll probably write a little more about once I've spent more time doing it, but just know that it is awesome. To find out more, go here... there are lots of videos and more information.

I have been out sick (sniffle sniffle) for a couple days this week, and a few of my favorite students were sweet enough to send me get well notes. Notice the top left- they aren't exaggerating my lips, are they? Also, that says "THE GREATEST ENGLISH TEACHER ALIVE," in case you were wondering. =) Also, the dollar in the corner was labeled "George Washington always wants you to get well soon." That actually pulled me out of my snotty fog long enough to laugh really hard. Sixth graders are hilarious!

Also, since my seester and bruther-in-law got an iPad, we get to FaceTime now, meaning I get to see a lot more of this crazy little person. She is so grown up these days, which makes me sad, but her hilarious little statements and songs are so fun.

That's all for now, folks... just a few little slices of sunshine in my days this week. Here's to a great weekend- did I mention that we have Monday off? Hooray for Columbus Day! Maybe I'll celebrate by claiming someone else's home as my own.... I choose Kate Middleton. Actually, just her closet. She can keep the castle. =)


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